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Duri Cosmetics - Rejuvacote, Miracote, Drop N Go & nail colours

Tonight I've got a review of whole bunch of Duri Cosmetics nail products to share with you.  All these products were provided to me from Pink Tiger, Australia's official distributor of Duri nail polish, and Lust Have It beauty box, who featured Pink Tiger in the recent April box.

Lets start with Miracote. Miracote is a super fast drying three free top coat.  I love it.  It dried fast and to a beautiful shiny finish.  I really wish I had this top coat while I was pregnant a few years back, because I would have painted my nails a lot more.  I didn't want to use Seche Vite because of the toluene, but Miracote is free of it, so it would have a great option.

Drop 'n Go is a bottle of instant drying drops, although rather than applying it as drops, is comes with a pump spray like a perfume bottle. You can see in the picture how much I have used. I'll talk more about it below where I have a photo of it on my nails.

Now Rejuvacote. "Rejuvacote "the nail doctor" will heal and cure your split, cracked and acrylic eaten nails. In a matter of weeks you will enjoy the look and feel of strong, vital, natural nails. It's not a promise, It's a guarantee."  Firstly, I feel like some kind of hermit for the fact that I know so many girls who use Rejuvacote religiously, yet here I am finally getting to try the product for the first time.

I've never worn acrylics so my nails are not damaged from that.  However I have recently buffed my nails to remove yellow staining so I was able to photograph some sheer polishes.  I'm pretty sure I overdid the buffing and thinned them too much, making them weak and prone to breaking.

I've been using Rejuvacote as a base coat for the last 12 days.  Here are my nails on 8 May, when I first got Rejuvacote and nearly two weeks after a break resulting in me filing my nails down.  The next set of photos were today.  I'm very happy how quickly my nails have grown in that time and of course, no additional breaks.  I'm certainly going to continue using Duri and hope to see an improvement in the thinness of my nails, and ideally bring them back to their previous steel like glory!

Next up are two of the Duri nail colours.  

Bonjour France is a pretty lavender creme polish.  The formula was beautiful and easy to apply.  It was well pigmented and dried fast.  This is two coats of Bonjour France with Miracote top coat.

Venom is a super bright neon pink creme. Again the formula was excellent, especially given this was a neon, which can often be a bit streaky.  This is two coats of Venom with Miracote.

Next I decided to create a bit of nail art with the two duri polish colours.  I started with a white base because I was going to do a gradient.  I also decided to try something new for me that I read, and painted PVA (Elmers) glue around my cuticles.  Doesn't this look delightful!

When the PVA glue had dried, it was just super glossy and transparent.

Next I created a vertical gradient using both Bonjour France and Venom.

After I let that dry a bit, I peeled the PVA off.  It came off easily but was still a bit stuck around the cuticles were the polish was still moist.  I ended up just cleaning that off with acetone and a brush and it was very clean because there wasn't actually any polish on my skin, only on the glue.  I definitely like this method and prefer it to taping off my fingers with sticky tape.

Next I smoothed the gradient out with top coat, following that I thought I would try out the Drop 'n Go spray.  I spritzed two sprays on my fingers, one would have been enough if I had lined up the spray a bit better on all four fingers at once.  The finish looks very wet and oily, but I just left it to dry and soak in.

I think I like the Drop 'n Go, and it seems to dry nail polish nice and fast.  I say 'think' and 'seems' because the truth is, when using products like this, I sit there thinking 'I wonder if my nails are dry yet', but I don't want to touch them in case they're not, so you wait a bit longer.  When I did check if they were dry, they certainly were.

I really should do a test with Seche Vite, Miracote and Drop 'n Go spray all at the same time - with a stop watch.  Then after, say 30 second increments, test each nail to see how much it has dried compared to the other nails. I'll add that to my to-do list.  

Here are my gradient nails with the Drop 'n Go spray on them.

Lastly, because my nails were perfectly dry, I did some stamping.  I used Konad black polish and BM223 for the design.

Pink Tiger is the official exclusive Australian distributor of Duri nail polishes. The prices are as follows:
  • Rejuvacote: $25
  • Miracote: $25
  • Drop N Go: $25
  • Nail polish colours: $18
  • Lint Free Gauze (200 sheets): $13
If anyone is interested in joining up to Lust Have It so you can get to sample products from brands like Duri, then my code "MORE", will get your a $5 discount of your first months subscription.

Cause I'm so new to this brand, I'd love to hear from you guys that use Rejuvacote (or other Duri products) and to tell me your experience with it, and any do's and don'ts you may have learned


  1. I haven't tried any Duri products myself, but I'm in a group with a bunch of Danish girls who praise Rejuvacote almost every day! :)

  2. I've only heard goog things about the products... but the prices... le sigh. Maybe a treat sometime! Great review.

  3. This is a great post! I really want to try Rejuvacote! Love the horizontal gradient :)

  4. Rejuvacote made my nails so brittle, I am struggling to regain their previous ironlike strength. I had all my nails snap completely off within 10 days! If you have nothing really wrong with your NOT use Rejuvacote! I have siunce gone back to NailTek Foundation 2.

  5. I have only just purchased my first Juvacote.. I'm dying for it to arrive already :) My nails are all peeling and are basically just crap at the moment lol
    I was looking on the pink tiger website and then came accross a review for Rejuvacote by another blogger - Messy Mansion and Drama Queen Nails sell it for $12.. so Pink Tiger I ask? Why the price difference??? I can get 2 for 1!!

  6. Duri Juvacote works wonders, but dont use it as a base coat for too long. I did. and it ended up messing up my nails again. Use it for a month or so. I highly recommend NailTech. I use NT theraphyII as a base coat every day and my nails are rock solid.

  7. I just posted about using glue instead of tape just the other day, it's so much easier and cleaner! Bonus for water marbling too! Going to check out the juvacote stuff :)

  8. Gorgeous polish! I'll have to try the glue around the cuticles soon! Thanks for the tip!

  9. I just subscribed for the beauty box using your code, thank you! Can't wait :)

  10. oh I'll definitely have to start using pva for gradients! will make clean up soo much easier :D

  11. I love Duri products!! They are amazing and it's so nice to buy something that actually stands up to their claims! Thanks for giving me the idea of the PVA (elmers)!


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