Saturday, May 18, 2013

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Contrary Polish - Ain't That a Beach: Summer 2013 collection

Contrary Polish is one of my favourite indie brands and Carrie never fails to impress me with her smooth and shimmery shades.  Today I have the new Summer Ain't That a Beach collection, which is completely the wrong season for me. But the timing is perfect because on Tuesday week, I'm heading off on a winter vacation to places with lots of sun, sand and surf. These polishes are perfect to get me into the right mood.

Sky - medium sky blue with gold shimmer and blue microglitter.  Beautifully sparkly and shimmery in the sun with a smooth easy to apply formula.  I chose to do three thin, quick drying coats rather than two thicker coats.  Finished with Seche Vite.

A fresh and crisp day here in Canberra - winter is coming :) But at least we have beautiful sunny winter days as witnessed by the bright blue sky today.

Sand - a dusty tan colour with gold shimmer and brown microglitter. The gold shimmer is super strong and easy to see in all lighting situations.The speckles of brown glitter give this a warm and rustic feel.  Not really the colour of our sand here in Australia, which is generally sugary pale creme, but a a gorgeous shade none the less.  This was three thin coats with Seche Vite.

Surf - a green-leaning blue with bright green shimmer and blue/green microglitter. I love the explanation that Carrie has given for the parts of this polish. "The effect I was going for was blue base = deeper water, green shimmer = shallow water, blue/green microglitter = wave peaks". Beautiful! Three thin coats with Seche Vite.

The collection is a huge hit for me, two blues and tan/gold. The formula on all these were great.  All polishes dried smooth and shiny, even those with the micro glitters in them. After another collection, Contrary Polish continues to be one of my favourite indie brands.
Contrary Polishes are available from Llarowe in the USA and from Shoppe-Eclecticco in Singapore. Minis are also available directly from Carrie on the Contrary Polish blog.   
Polishes provided for review.


  1. I loved your pic aiming at the sky with that blue on!!! Cool!
    The polishes are pretty :D

  2. I love the Sand! Gorgeous shade. And the gold shimmer looks wonderful. Thanks for the cool swatches (:

  3. These look lovely!

    I just got them the other day; I need to try them soon as it really SHOULD be summer here (it's cold, windy and very wet though)!

  4. I love Sky the most, so bright and fun!

  5. These are amazing, where can you get them?


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