Friday, May 24, 2013

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Fake Tattoos - The Birds

Here is another design I created using the nail tattoos I received from Fake Tattoos.  All these images are from the bird design.

I created a simple blue gradient with a white base and OPI No room for the Blues.  I got the darker shade by blending a little black polish with the OPI and the lighter shade by blending a little white.

I found placement a little tricky with these, because when the paper is face down you can't clearly see the angle of the design on your nails. This mean I had to create my black french tip a little uneven on each nail to cover the gap, otherwise some birds would be just sitting there in mid air.

I know a couple of girls that would be totally freaked out by these nails, complete ornithophobics!


  1. Oh these look so cool!!!!

  2. I LOVE birds! I love your mani!

  3. Love it! This mani looks awesome! The gradient background is perfection for this mani. :)

  4. Perfect combination of colors/gradients/tips!

  5. I'm not crazy about birds either, but I love the look of this :)


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