Monday, May 6, 2013

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Lynnderella - Spumoni, Candy Wrapper & Love Light

Tonight I have three Lynnderella polishes that I have worn over the last month or two and not yet posted.  I'm still running three collections behind in wearing my Lynns, but I'm still slowly working my way through them.  I think I'm down to less than 20 untrieds from the Christmas, Groundhog and Neon collections.

Spumoni - from last years Seasons Glitterings collection.  Contains mint and white satin glitters as well as a sprinkle of red, pink and black in a translucent mint base.  One coat layered over OPI Fly.

Candy Wrapper - also from the Seasons Glitterings collection. Has holographic and metallic red hexes wtih fine silver holographic hexes in a red jelly base. Eleventy billion times better in real life than these photos, I've expressed before how I suck and photographing red glitters! Case and point below. Two coats over OPI The Spy Who Loved Me.

Love Light - one of the trickiest polishes ever to find the right undies for.  I couldn't decided, so I did a skittle mani where I layered Love Light over white, Picture Polish Candy, Picture Polish Flirt and Black.  Love Light has a translucent pastel and hot pink shimmer with iridescent blue flecks.

My skittle mani matched my top.  Yes, I'm a matchy matchy girl and love coordinating my nails with my clothes.  


  1. Gooorgeous! I love that skittle mani! :)

  2. Beautiful! Especially the red one. I solve things with nail color to clothes by wearing black almost all the time ... :-).

  3. I'm surprising my 51-y.o. self because I really love the skittle mani. It's not the skittle part...I love the ADD perfection of a well-done skittle. It's the pink polish with blue flecks. Last time I weeded out my stash, I realized I had barely used any of the four bottles of pink base/blue flecks polishes I had. I gave them away to a friend less than half my age while muttering something about pink with blue in it and who does that anyway? I had never thought about using different but complementary undies. Your Love Lights mani took a polish color type I admit I previously found a bit juvenile and turned it into a chic and can't-take-my-eyes-off-it affair. That's what I looovvvee about nail've shown me the unexpected and now I feel fresh again about pink/blue combos. My only thought was what undie you'd use on your thumb? Thanks for opening my eyes to new possibilities!


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