Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Local nail meet up - aka learn to watermarble

Today I had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with some other local nail polish addicts. This time around we planned to do a water marbling extravaganza, where Sylvia aka @lilyandjinks instructed us on the dos and don't and helped us all through our problems.  We also got a chance to play with stamping with some amazing assistance from Julia from Messy Mansion stamping plates. But that is a-whole-nother blog post on it's own - cause I have to share some of those awesome tips.

Today really was the first time I got water marbeling to work successfully directly onto my nails.  I'd pretty much given up after so many failed attempts.  These manis aren't great, but I'm certainly happy with them and I learned so much.

I painted my nails in Gelicious French White, so I had a set white base ready for my marbeling attempts.  The gel base was fantastic, because I was able to wipe off any really nasty looking nails and not have to paint my nail white and start again.

This first design I created using Picture Polish flirt, candy and fairy floss.

In this next design I was learning about how to create different patterns in the water.  So while it certainly don't look like a cohesive design, I learned new stuff.  This used Picture Polish sunset, lime lite, crazy, wisteria and hotlips.

I've also got another watermarble design, but I'm going to wait a until Thursday before I show you that one.

As the sun was just setting, we realised that we hadn't taken our obligatory group nail short.  Everyone was ready, except me, I was back to plain white gels after practicing my stamping techniques. Bare white nails would certainly not do for a meetup photo.  

I quickly grabbed the three China Glaze polishes that Kate aka @katersnails had used in her water marble, cause her water marble looked amazing.  I don't even know what three colours these are. This is a super rushed, 15 minute effort - but considering that, I'm amazed how good they look.

Check us out - Kate and I have #bestietwins4lyf 

And double yay - check out our awesome watermarble efforts.  Fantastic job ladies, we were the boss of watermarbling today!

It was a messy process.

I'm sure I made the most mess out of everyone, but it was a blast!

Thanks so much ladies, I'm really looking forward to our next meetup already!

Everyone else, if you every get the opportunity to have a meet up with other nail polish addicts, DO IT!  Its not very often that you can talk to people in real life about nail polish and they 'get it'.


  1. Wow what a great get together! I love the water marbling so I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing more of your time together.

  2. Cool !! Beautiful color mixtures. I love watermarble nails but the mess is the problem !! I dont feel up doing it anymore :(

  3. that is an awesome get together. Water marbling is frustrating sometimes, but so worth it

  4. oh wow, i am LOVING seeing you do something imperfectly! You are always infallible to me, so wonderful seeing you learn to improve at something xxx

  5. Ooh, this looks such a lot of messy fun! I love the end results to - they look like candies!

  6. That sounds and looks like so much fun!! :)

  7. Woooo bestie twins!!!! Hahaha I love that picture :D So much fun! I can't wait for the next meetup xx

  8. I love your 15min effort!! So impressed with how many you achieved over the afternoon :) I had a ball, we should meet up again soon :)

  9. Ive never tried this technique before!


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