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Glam Polish - Nickle Nackle and Indigo

I have been wearing some pretty serious cranky pants today, and that pun (if you noticed it) was totally intended!  Firstly, I work for the federal government, so last nights leadership spill and resulting Prime Minister and Ministerial changes meant work was pretty much chaos today.

But what really made me fasten my cranky pants tightly around my waist was being cart jacked at least seven times trying to score a bottle of Pretty Serious Naughty Night Shift Nurse this morning at 9.00am.  Amidst the craziness at work, I was able to sneakily jump onto the site before 9.00am and sit refreshing over and over as the clock ticked to 9.00am..  As soon as it appeared I grabbed a bottle into my cart and proceeded through paypal checkout immediately. It was only after clicking all the paypal oks, that it would tell me that the item was no longer in my cart.  At least seven times I added it to my cart, went through paypal and was cart jacked every time, untill about 9.06 when the site told me that it was sold out.  

I'm so disappointed. It's now the only gap in my entire Pretty Serious collection (thanks to the generosity of Alanna who decanted me some Golden Ticket). I certainly learned my lesson and will check out through the site checkout next time, rather than through Paypal so I'm not cart jacked again. I was a ninja, but technology failed us!  I guess the most frustrating part for me is that we were told we wouldn't be cart jacked, and we were. Plus, and maybe this is just because I work in IT, I really hate it when a user is disadvantaged because of poor technology. Its the first time I've been cart jacked, so maybe I'm just taking it hard, especially cause I know it's something lots of girls experience all the time with restocks.  

Before I get flamed for being a whinging cow and told 'it's only polish', let me make it clear that I'm so excited for and extremely proud of Kaz and Ben at Pretty Serious. Its amazing that 100 bottles of one of their polishes sold out so quickly (like Kaz pointed out - last year 300 bottles of Emma Louise took 3 months to sell)  But it's like when people discover your favourite beach, you wish it would go back to when only you knew how awesome it was!

Anyway, moving on.  Today I have some awesome polishes to show you from another fabulous Aussie Indie brand - Glam Polish.

Nickle Nackle - This is is from the Bedtime Stories collection and has neon hot pink hexes, turquoise hexes, purple hexes & micro glitter and rich bright blue holo dots.  The base is a bright light turquoise blue crelly base that held the glitters beautifully.  Application was a breeze and the large glitters were easy to get out of the bottle. This is three thin coats with Seche Vite.

Indigo - Oh how I've lemmed for this one for a while! Fuchsia & turquoise dots and micro glitter in a indigo base with pink shimmer.  For some reason I don't see any of the fuchsia dots on my nails, only in the bottle, I must have just been unlucky on these four fingers.    I love the tone of this purple base, even though it has a pink shimmer, it doesn't lean to a red based purple.  I much prefer blue based purples and this is just perfect to me.  This was three coats with Seche Vite top coat.

Glam Polish is available in Australia through the Big Cartel store and updates through their Facebook page.  International orders can be placed through Mei Mei Signatures in Singapore. 


  1. This post is more than disappointing, something that was originally born out of such generosity has made people really horrible.

  2. I think what stung people so much was the fact that we were told there wouldn't be any cart jacking and there was. That was the principle that left such a bitter taste in people's mouths (mine included).

    Sure, I missed out and there will be another chance in August. There will also other polishes that will probably be far superior to that one and that's OK too. After all they're just paint in a small glass bottle and there are much more important things in the world when you look at the bigger picture.

    Hopefully this has been a valuable learning experience for us as well as Pretty Serious Cosmetics too on the fallibility of online checkout systems (specially when PayPal is involved).

  3. I enjoy reading this blog because there is always a no holds barred sense of honesty and integrity in what is written. I find this post far from disappointing!!!
    Sure - it is only another bottle of polish that some of us lust over but I’m glad you wrote about this because I become seriously paranoid when Paypal starts wanting further verification on my account because a transaction isn’t working as intended.
    It was very unfortunate that a lot of people were inconvenienced and disappointed in what should have been a smoothly working business transaction. I refuse to use anything but Paypal with my purchase transactions so this is a case of, bringing to my attention, why things don’t always work correctly. Thank you.

    And - for all the Indie polish creators out there – thank goodness for blogs like this one that has constantly provided us with the information on where to buy all the ingredients for the creations. More Nail Polish has more than paved the way for upcoming small polish businesses.

  4. Cart jacking sucks - we shouldn't be limited by technology - it's only there to help us. I totally understand you're disappointed!

  5. I'm sorry you were cart-jacked. I thought you were very civil in your discussion of it though. And it is disappointing because it is such an affordable and yet frustratingly elusive luxury! I actually have my credit card info memorized so I can type it in via the site checkout (pro-stalker here). My card company though is really good about disputes so I don't worry about not being protected if something goes wrong. I'm annoyed when I get jacked, but then I'm like... okay when's the next restock lol.
    I know what you mean about loving a brand before they were hot. This recently happened to me. The brand is freakin' awesome and they deserve to be making it big now... but let's face it I'm selfish and am a little annoyed that I have to stalk them instead of going and purchasing their polish when I have time like a normal person :-)
    Anyway, these polishes look awesome! I hope an international stockist picks them up so I can try some.

  6. Sorry to hear about the cart jacking, but Nickle Nackle is gorgeous. Lemming born - I really hope this becomes available outside Australia sometime!

  7. These are my two favourite Glam Polishes as well! Enjoy your weekend :)

  8. Oh wow, these two beauties are going on my WL like stat. I'm sorry to hear you got cart jacked. It's an unfortunate experience we all go through periodically trying to secure the pretties. :/


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