Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Watermelon nail art using decals

I'm on a bit of a roll with reviewing products from the Born Pretty Store at the moment, but I've actually found all the products I've tried so far to be very good, which always makes reviewing products much more enjoyable.

These watermelon nails looked fantastic. I particularly loved how neat the whole design was.  Plus, it would have to be the easiest nail art I've ever created.  This design was created in just two steps.  

Step 1. paint your nails in watermelon pink shade - I chose Picture Polish water melon, because it's the perfect shade and name for this mani.
Step 2. Apply the watermelon water decals to the tip of the nail and coat with top coat. 

These watermelon decals come complete with the two toned green tip, the perfectly shaped and positioned black seed dots and the fine silver glitter french tip line along the smile line.

I did find these decals a lot thicker that other decals I have used.  In fact they were quite stiff even after they were off the backing paper.  Because of that I found they wouldn't lay flat along my nail.  So what I did was roll each individual decal in my fingers to pre-curl it before placing it on my nail with a bit of water.  Once it was positioned in the right place I blot the nail with a tissue to remove all the moisture and then let them air dry for about 10 minutes before putting on top coat.  I did get a bit of shrinkage of the decal using Seche Vite, which pulled it back from the tip of my nails a little bit as can be seen in the photos.

Even though these decals are thicker and stiffer, I didn't find that the edge of the clear decal was visible on my nail anywhere after applying top coat.

This is what you get in the set of decals.  You could get two manis out of it if you did only four fingers on each hand.  I chose to do all ten fingers in the watermelon design rather than using any of the mini designs that have a wedge of watermelon, two black seeds and the words 'water melon' printed in white (which you can't see in these photos).

These decals are available here on the Born Pretty site, and my discount code is MNPG10.


  1. That is extremely pretty, I love it! :)

  2. Adorable! I ordered these a few weeks ago, but haven't used them yet... have to get on that :D

  3. Cute decals! I just did a tutorial with some of their water decals, they're really nice.


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