Monday, June 17, 2013

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Fail Art

Yep, that's not a typo, this is not nail art - its fail art!  Today I have some of my most spectacularly crappy nail art ever!  I'm kinda embarassed to share my mess, but thought you all could do with a laugh.

You know the Nailed It meme right?, let me refresh your memory!

This is the beautiful design that I wanted to recreate.  It's by My Dainty Nails I originally saw it on instagram and then quickly started following her blog. 

I didn't have my ipad or phone in front of me when I recreated the design, I just went from my memory.  As a result I ended up doing random coloured lines rather than balanced lines of the same colour.  I also didn't use black striping tape which I realized I should have to get the perfect black lines.  I also went for really bright dark colours, which meant you couldn't see my hand drawn trees.  But then again, maybe it's a good thing you can't see those blobs of trees on my nails.

Now, brace for it...

So yeah...

I'm going to attempt this design again soon, following the brief much more closely! Stay tuned for me to (hopefully) redeem myself.


  1. OMG!!!!! this is hilarious!!!! Thanks for showing that even the best can have imperfections!

  2. Awesome! I love all your amazing nail art. It's nice to know that you are actually human ;)

  3. I love these fail art posts that are popping up all over the place! Unfortunately for me I just post whatever is on my nails even if it is absolutely terrible. I have no shame apparently haha. I didn't think your attempt at this was that bad though, it's still better than mine would have turned out!

  4. AHAHAHAHA!!!! Thank you!!!!

  5. Oh, this was so funny and kind of sweet&cute post. Thanks :D

  6. Omg this post made me laugh. never heard if nailed it before. good try on the,mani though. :)

  7. haha you're so cute! your fail is not quite as epic as the others lol

  8. lol this is so funny but your failed nail art is still 10x better than most people's normal nail art haha :)

  9. Ha ha ha - loved your confidence in sharing something like this - it makes me feel so much better about my attempts.

  10. I just lurk, but THIS WAS HILARIOUS! Thanks! <3

  11. that was sooo funny I cried :D


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