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Mont Bleu products incl. glass files review

I recently got the opportunity to review some Mont Bleu products.  I had already read some excellent reviews of their products, so I was super excited to try them for myself.

Here is some info about Mont Bleu. Based in the Czech Republic, they are one of the worlds leading suppliers of glass nail files. Their glass nail files are made of high quality Czech glass and are decorated with patterns or with Swarovski crystals. 
When my hubby and I were traveling Europe, I remember fondly the time we spent in Prague.  If you have ever been there I'm sure your memories are just as great as ours.  I have numerous gorgeous crystal items that we bought there and took home, such as our crystal grapes, Swarovski panther and kitten family.

I received two glass nail files.  A regular full sized one and a mini one.  The full size one has clear and blue Swarovski crystals on a clear glass file. The mini has shades of purple Swarovski crystals on a purple coloured glass file.

The crystals are adhered to the file very cleanly. There is no sign of any glue oozing out from beneath a crystal, nor is there bubbles or gaps behind any of the crystals.  The finish is very professional - and apart from anything else, super pretty.

Here is a comparison of the full sized Mont Bleu file against my current glass nail file. My current file is a QVS brand that I got a Priceline.

The Mont Bleu file has a much sharper end on it, and the grit is so much better.  I always thought my glass file was pretty good, but having used the Mont Blue, I've realized how smooth my glass file has become.  The QVS is still a good file, but I've been using it for two years and the tip on the end is almost smooth. 

I've had to be very careful using the Mont Blue file because it will take off a lot more length if I file away at the same speed I usually did with my old file.  I know there girls out there that hate filing their nails, whether it be the chalkboard feeling or the smell.  If you are one of those, then I highly recommend these files, because you will really be filing for a much shorter period of time.

The other thing I love about the Mont Bleu is the fact that it has the crystals on it. Not because they just look pretty (although that helps), but because I can now see my file.  I can't tell you the number of times I've lost my glass file because I couldn't see it!

The mini file works just as well and is the perfect size for my handbag.  That's where it now lives!

As I'm showing you a new glass file, I thought I would do a quick write up about how I file my nails.  Firstly let me say, I'm not a nail tech and I know I do not file my nails the way you are suppose to, eg in only one direction at a time.  But this is how I file my nails and it works perfectly fine for me.

I like to file my nails into a square finish at the tip, therefore I use the glass file to go back and forth across the nail tip.  I never file the sides of my nails, although I will smooth out the corners so they are not too stabby if I were to rub my eyes. I always try to file my nails with polish on too, this is because I have different length nail beds, and if I filed each nail so that the length of the free edge was the same, then one nail would be very short compared to the others.

After filing the tips straight across, I find I have rough bits beneath and above the nail.  I remove those by gently running my file under my nail like this.

I smooth the rough bits on the top edge by gently filing down at this angle.

The Mont Blue scissors are super sharp and this pair features a flower made out of Swarovski crystals.  I never use scissors to actually cut my nails, I always file. But I do use scissors like these to cut hang nails at the side of my nails.  Yeah, I know that you are not suppose to cut your cuticles etc but sometimes you just have to grab a pair of scissors to snip off one of the pesky little buggers that hurt like hell.  I love that these scissors are very sharp right at the tip, which makes it much easier to just cut what you want without butchering up your entire finger.

Mont Blue tweezers.  This are in fact eyebrow tweezers, which I should most definitely use with my magnifying mirror and attack my brows (before my brows plural become the dreaded brow singular - the mono-brow).  Ok, that's not true, I'm not a sasquatch, but my brows are in need of attention.  

I've already used these tweezers heaps of times, and not once on my brows.  I've used these when doing various nail art, specifically I been doing a fair bit with water decals, and these have been perfect.  The point is angled and it comes to a very tight and smooth closure when you pinch them, making them perfect for holding extra file items such as wet water decals.

Again I've found the Swarovski crystals to be more than just pretty. In this instance, they provide a nice bit of texture on the sides to grip the tweezers with.

This next product is not nail related, but is is stunning.  This is a compact mirror, decorated in a swirl pattern with clear and charcoal coloured Swarovski crystals.  It's just stunning.  This one is also now in my handbag, protected in it's little box.

Lastly, another non nail related product, but I thought I would share it anyway, a pair of multichromatic crystal earrings.  These shift in nearly every colour of the rainbow, blues, yellows, pinks, reds.  It makes me want a multichrome polish that does the same colour shift!

Mont Blue nail files and other accessories are available from Design Glassware by Mont Bleu. Regular and mini glass files start at €4 and crystal ones at €10.

How many of you already use a Mont Blue file?  I'd love to know how well they last - something I will only be able to comment on in a year or two. Although they do say on their website they have a lifetime filing surface.

Products provided for review.


  1. I am just learning of these but I think these files are like little works of art! Brijit loves them so we are giving one away as part of our prizepack for our july nail art challenge :)

  2. Would you recommend these files for acrylic nails? I was thinking about getting a grinder but these look better.

  3. I have only read good things about these files, I might just have to try them. Although I HATE filing my nails :c

  4. I love these!!
    What perfect gifts (of course starting with myself :) ) The quality is only what we would expect from the home of Swarovski. Thanks for telling us about them!

  5. Maybe I will have to try these, since they say that they have a lifetime filing surface. I've tried two brands of glass file so far and both lost the grit within a few uses.

  6. I just placed an order for files and a bagholder. I got 20% off with the coupon code BLOG20.


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