Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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Guest Blogger - Shanee from Duck and Polish

Where am I? - probably rolling around a deck somewhere from having eaten too much food, still sailing off the east coast of Australia.

Only five guest posts left, and I hope you have all be enjoying them.  This guest post is from Shanee from Duck and Polish. Shanee is only a new blogger, but I'm sure you will agree that she has so much to offer.  Shanee is sharing something different tonight, some frankens.  I love reading franken posts to see what people create, and how they do it.  I especially love this one because Shanee made one using the colour shifting powder I sold a few years ago.  Take it away Shanee.


I am super excited and very honoured to be doing this guest post. Cathy was the first blogger I followed back when I was first getting into nail art. She's the reason behind my love for so many brands, the person that inspired my love for holos and multichromes and the reason I finally caved and started wearing glitter bombs. Needless to say, she's played a huge part in making my polish collection what it is today.
But, of course my swatches are nowhere near Cathy's level so, instead of showing something that I'm sure she can do a million times better, I'm going to show two simple frankens I made. My start into frankening was because of Cathy as well, so I thought it was kind of fitting :)

First up is a polish I made quite a while ago originally and then tried to make again for this blog post... and it turned out a little differently. It's also one of the most frustrating polishes I've ever tried to photograph because my camera just refuses to pick up the green starting colour properly.

I really dislike naming polishes, but I've called this one "Minstrelsea".

This was a really simple polish to make. It involved lightly tinting the suspension base with the black tint from beautyworld, throwing in a few scoops of BlackstarGreen pigment from TKB trading and then about a quarter of a gram of the green-blue shifting pigment Cathy has previously shown on her blog.

The second franken was born quite a while ago after a night of staring at swatches of Starry Starry Night at 1AM and deciding that I really wanted it. So to try and curb the lemming, I decided to make my own version.

I called this franken "StarDrifter". My biggest problem was that I didn't own any silver glitter at all. So to emulate the "stars", I used Kleancolor Metallic Sapphire, because I'd learned that when it was diluted enough, little silver specks appear. Into that I threw some black tint, a good amount of Ulta3 Midnight and then filled the bottle with suspension base.

Thanks so much to Cathy for this opportunity and I hope you enjoyed looking at my humble frankens and photos! ♥


  1. They are both stunning! I would love to own them both. Gorgeous!

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous!! I started following you on bloglovin! I can't wait to see more posts!

  3. I love both your creations here and had to laugh when I saw that Cathy was responsible for you starting to wear glitter bombs too! I think she may be responsible for a lot of addictions among all of us :)

  4. Gorgeous! Too bad these are one of a kind frankens. ;)

  5. Minstrelsea is lovely! I wish I had the talent to franken :)

  6. Shanee how come we have no idea that you did frankens??????

    1. Haha, because I stopped for quite a while before you met me :)!


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