Saturday, June 1, 2013

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Guest Blogger - Erin from ErinZi's Zails

Where am I? - spending the day in Noumea, capital of New Caledonia.  Shopping (I wonder if I will find nail polish anywhere?), swimming and eating.

Guest post #6 is from Erin from ErinZi's Nails, and she is showing something that I completely suck at, water marbling.  I'm in complete awe of you ladies that can pull of beautiful water marble designs.  Erin, time for you to show off!


Hey everyone! I'm Erin from ErinZi's Nails, and I'm so excited to have been given the opportunity to write a guest post for Cathy! This is also my very first guest post, I hope you'll enjoy what I've put together!

I started this mani with a base of Sally Hansen White On, because the polishes would be less opaque after spreading on water. Then I did the water marble design using China Glaze Fancy Pants, Budding Romance and Deborah Lippmann Lara's Theme. I love these three colours, they are not exactly contrasting colours or anything, but they just look fun together!

Here's how the water marble pattern is like in the shot glass.


  1. I totally forgot about water marble, i'm going to have to revisit that again

  2. I love the colour combination!!!!

  3. How I wish I had your skills with water marble - the colors really pop in this mani!

  4. This is a gorgeous combination!

  5. Please tell me how you this works so well for you? I have tried water marbling a million times, and not once have I been successful, and I have tried EVERYTHING! Warm water, cold water, tap water, bottled spring water, new & old polishes, thick & thin polishes, branded and cheap polihes, and a million combinations thereof. It doesn't matter what I do, the polish NEVER spreads in the water, it either sinks straight to the bottom, or stays a tiny little dot on the surface. I don't even know what else to try now, i've done everything i can think of, and every time I try again and get that same stupid dot on the surface it makes we want to cry :( I need water marbling in my life but it hates me!

    1. your polishes never spread?! I just use room temperature boiled water and regular non-fast drying polish, they usually work, I have a few tutorial on water marble on my blog if you would like to know more tips :)

  6. Great water marbling chicky! It's very psychedelic and freakin' perfect! :)

  7. Omg that is great :) I also suck at it :D

  8. Amazing water marble as usual Erin!! :)

  9. Your water marbles are always awesome Erin! Think you should fly over and teach me :)


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