Saturday, June 22, 2013

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Born Pretty Store Holos - Part 1

A few weeks back the Born Pretty Store releases a collection of 12 holographic polishes.  Shortly after they released them, they had them on special for 50% off, so I decided I would grab the whole collection.  Because 1. They were on sale 2. The colours looked great and 3. One can never have enough holo polishes.

Tonight I will be showing you the first six polishes.  They don't have names, just numbers, so these are number 1-6.  All my photo are taken in the full sun. 

Holo #1 - This is a very sheer silver holo. Actually its more like a holo top coat.  This is three coats of it on it's own, and you can see that it doesn't go anywhere near providing full coverage.

Holo #1 over black - because it was so sheer, I decided to try layering this over black so see how it would work as a holo top coat.  The answer is, perfectly.  This is one coat over black.

Holo #2 - Light pink holo. Three coats

Holo #3 - Medium pink holo. Three coats.

Holo #4 - coral pink holo. Two coats.

Holo #5 - burnt orange holo. The holo effect in this one is more subdued and the finish is less sheer.  This was two coats. This is a totally unique colour in my holo collection.

Holo #6 - a nude holo. this is three coats and its still a little sheer in these full sun photos. In real life it looked opaque.  A lovely nude and a unique nude coloured holo in my collection.

The formula on these was good.  They don't require a special base and top coat doesn't dull them.  The holo flame on them is good, not super strong like Dance Legend but certainly easily visible. These ones were all a little sheer, but holos often need to be sheer for the full effect of the holo to shine through.

Tomorrow I will have the remaining six shades, which I think are the better half.

The regular price for these is $12.88 and the bottles are only minis at 6ml.  So at full price they are quite expensive for the amount of polish you get. However at $6.33 I was happy with what I got.  They are on sale at the moment too, but only 30% off making them $8.99.

Let me know if you want to see any comparisons and if I have them I'll swatch them up.

Again, here is my discount code.


  1. Hi :-)
    I always enjoy your swatches sooo much, Thank You!!! :-)
    I am curious about the first swatch, the sheer silver holo. Is it the type of holo that has that heavy silver hue to it? Or is it the kind of holo you can put over any color and it won't change the color of the polish to a silver? Meaning, you only see the colored polish and then rainbows on top?
    I have run into quite a few topcoat holos that make the under colors look awful cause the holo is silver, when you wish you had a clear holo instead.
    Thank You :-) :-) :-)

    1. I'll take some photos of #1 over black in the shade so you can see how much it changes the base colour. I think you would find this polish is the same as others you have tried in that it will make the base colour too silver looking.

  2. i ordered five of them, but they aren't arrived yet :(

    1. and i'm stupid that i didn't ordered the first one :(

  3. I love the nude one!
    I'll get a few ones, thank you!

  4. I think you're right when you say that the second half is the better half. I'm looking forward to seeing your swatches of them :)

  5. I wonder what the first one would look like over a plain white? I'm tempted!

    1. I'll do a swatch of #1 over white for you.

  6. I'm so glad you swatched these! I wasn't sure how true to life the photos online were. They're so pretty :)

  7. I really like a few of them, but they're pretty expensive too :/

  8. Yesssss the silver/gray color is on its way to my house. I am so excited! Wish I grabbed a few of these others colors too


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