Friday, June 7, 2013

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Guest Blogger - Rosemary from Every Little polish

Where am I? - Nearly home.  We docked this morning in Sydney and we are catching the train home today to Canberra. The kiddos are going to love the train, given that we don't have them here in Canberra for local public transport.

My second last guest post everyone, and I'll admit that I saved my two favourite nail designs for last.  Tonight's nails are bought to you by Rosemary from Every Little Polish. Rose has created Chewbacca nails for you.  I think they are hilarious and all kinds of awesome!  I've not tried flocking powder yet, but I have finally bought some.  I definitely want to try out some flocking designs.  Rose, take it away with your Chewie mani.


Hands up who's a Star Wars fan? With a hunky Harrison Ford in his better days, tiny fuzzy tree bears and the eternal mystery of who shot first, what's not to love? And let's not forget Chewbacca, our favourite 8 foot co-pilot. I'm paying homage to Chewie with today's mani.

I'm using flocking powder to achieve that real Wookiee fur effect. I rang about 10 different shops trying to find one that stocks flocking powder. I finally found it at Lincraft, and the only colours they had were black, white and - thankfully - brown. Because flocking powder seems to be so difficult to find, I'd recommend buying it online from ebay or Born Pretty Store.

I'm going to briefly walk you through the steps to create these yourself.

First, paint your nails in a matching colour and allow it to dry. This is Essence Sneezy, from the Snow White collection.

The flocking powder comes quite tightly packed in the jar, so the fibres need to be broken up with tweezers first. 

Paint one nail with a thick coat of the same nail polish. Before it dries, pick up a generous amount of flocking powder with the tweezers and place it onto the wet polish. Spread it around a bit, making sure it covers the entire nail.

Then, use a fan brush to gently brush off the excess powder. Gently pat the powder down onto the nail with your finger to make sure it's properly stuck on.

Remember to tape off the stripe for Chewie's belt.

Paint in the details with a small brush (sorry, my linework is a bit wobbly), and you're done!

Surprisingly, I like the textured effect of the flocking powder. It's a fun way to do something a bit different without using textured nail polish.

If the fuzzy nails aren't enough to show your love for Chewie, you can also buy this delightfully warm looking hoodie, and this genius iPhone case, also with fur!

I hope this post has inspired you to try out flocking powder in your own manis. Thanks for reading, and a huge thanks to Cathy for hosting me on her blog for this guest post!


  1. OHMYGOSH, Rose! These are amazing!!!! :D I feel like I am very very VERY behind but I just this year started watching Star Wars and love it! Haha.

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  3. That is all kinds of awesome!!!!

  4. It's awesome Rosemary!!! Thanks for sharing this!!! You just catched a Star Wars-aholic here!!!

  5. They really do look woolly! But what happens when you wash your hands - does the flocking survive?


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