Sunday, June 16, 2013

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Gold dotted water decals from the Born Pretty Store

I'm sure just about all of you would be familiar with the Born Pretty Store. I have to say that those ladies are persistent.  They've been emailing me for ages asking for me to review some products, so I finally got my act together and selected some products to try.

The first product I tried was these gold dot design water decals (design T302).  The pack comes with 15 water decals, in 3 designs.  I was able to get two manicures of out the packet by cutting the third design so it formed two separate dotted wavy lines.

I found these decals very easy to work with, the only thing I noticed was that I need to let them soak in water for about 2 minutes before they would slide off the backing paper.  Usually decals come loose after about 30 seconds, so if you find they don't budge, just let them soak a bit longer.

When they are ready to slide off, grab a pair of tweezers to help you hold and place them on your nail.  

I found the thickness of these decals to be just perfect for me.  Thick enough so that they held their form when the were wet and off the backing paper, but not too stiff so that they wouldn't lay flat on your nail. They are right in the goldilocks zone!

The first design I applied over Ozotic 619 - the gorgeous red scattered holo. Sadly it was very overcast, so I only have shade and bathroom lighting to show you.  This is two coats of Ozotic 619 with water decals and Seche Vite top coat.

The second design I placed over Picture polish Kryptonite. Again, no sun, so the photos don't show this at it's best. This is two coats of Kryptonite with water decals and Seche Vite top coat.

I really loved these water decals, as you can see they apply very cleanly to the nail and the edges of the decals are invisible. If you dip your nail into water just before you place the decal on your nail, then you will be able to move the decal around to get the placement exactly where you want it.  When you are happy with where it is, you can blot the excess water off your nail with a tissue or cotton pad. I got lots of compliments on my nails the two days that I wore these manis.

I notice that the Born Pretty Store is also have a flash sale right now on a bunch of their stamping plates. Selling them for only 99cents each.

Of course just in case you don't already have a Born Pretty Store coupon code, here is mine (to add to the hundreds out there) - NMPG10.


  1. Wow, gorgeous! And your pictures are flawless!

  2. cool! I have these same decals but I haven't tried them yet. It's good to be able to see how they look first :)

  3. These are really pretty! I like how they look pretty flat against your nail.


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