Sunday, July 14, 2013

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Butterfly wings

Here is a bit of sponged and stamped nail art.  I created the sponged design using three of the Sally Hansen Lustre Shine polishes and China Glaze Want My Bawdy.  Rather than creating a gradient down the nail, I created a four way quadrant sponged design.  I like how this gave the wings a different look compared to a normal gradient.

The stamping plate that I used was the Vivid Lacquer plate VL004, but I believe this image is available on other brand plates too.  I also used my new sticker XL stamper that I got from Messy Mansion.  I'm going to have to a bit of a tutorial on it, because it's totally changed the way I stamp.  I'm finally able to stamp designs on my nail lined up correctly, and its all because of that extra squishy, sticky stamper.

This was such a beautiful mani and I received so many comments about it.  People thought I painted the black wing lines free hand, and they also had no idea how I got the multicoloured background!

I've been really lemming the two Chanel shades Azure and Bel-Argus.  I would have loved to create this butterfly wing mani using polishes from the L'Ete Papillon de Chanel (The Summer Butterfly) collection, but I don't think my budget can stretch to those two polishes and will just have to make do with these Sally Hansens and the China Glaze Bohemians.


  1. Oh dear, that's amazingly beautiful. No wonder you received compliments! :)

  2. That really is a lovely style of doing a gradient!

  3. Ooooh Pretty! I love this. Okay so I had to pin this so I could do it later. I have several of those Lustre Shine polishes and never use them. I don't like a plain single polish mani and this is the perfect way to use them all! I am going to check out that squishy stamper and I forgot Messy Mansion had some cute stamping plates I wanted too.

  4. Beautiful! You really do need Bel-Argus! It's pricy, but worth it. I felt the same way, but am glad I broke down. It's beautiful! Azure lemming was satisfied by other blue/green duos, as it was not unique, as is B-A.

  5. wow!!! this looks absolutely stunning! :)

  6. That looks so cool! The colours are gorgeous and perfect for butterfly wings; I'll have to try it out. =)

  7. What a gorgeous design! I may have to invest in that stamper - it sounds like it could be the answer to all my stamping fails!

  8. A four-way gradient--genius!
    I have that VL stamping plate... I think I am about one day away from giving up stamping forever though. I am jealous of your stamping skills :-)

  9. What a lovely manicure <3

    I'm not a nailartist, but you can see the comparison between Sally Hansen Lustre Shines and Chanel on my blog here :-)
    It is in Danish, but you can still see, that you do not have to regret not buying Chanel ;-)

    Best Wishes

  10. Perfect! Only thing I would have done differently, is adding white to the open dots.


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