Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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Lynnderella in Australia + Mixed Feelings Collection

I have to start of this blog post with a very exciting announcement. Lynnderella polishes are now available in Australia through online shop Glitter Connect.  Whoo Hoo!  I can't tell you have many emails I received from Aussie ladies asking how they can get their hands on a bottle of Lynnderella polish.

In honour of today's exciting announcement, I thought I would post swatches of the remaining three polishes I haven't yet shown from the Mixed Feelings Collection. I've also updated my colour guide to include these polishes.

Stay Goodbye "Scattered neutral, neon, pastel, holographic and satin glitters in a translucent chocolate malted milk base with complex multi shimmer."  The description of the base for this being a malted milk base is really spot on.  I have two coats layered over white and you can see the soft creamy look that my nail have with Stay Goodbye on them.

A Whiter Shade of Maybe - "multiple sizes and shapes of opaque white glitter in a translucent shimmering base. The microglitter mix gives it a grey appearance in the bottle, but grey clears when applied."  This is two coats over Contrary Polish Somebody Loved.  My photos taken in the shade don't show the stunning multicoloured micro glitter, but you can see the speckles and imaging how the sparkle.

Angel Whisper - "full of assorted translucent white glitter in a clear base with lots of shimmer. ProtegĂ© of Snow Angel." This is two coats of Angel Whisper over Picture Polish Whimsy.  This is quite similar to Snow Angel and Love, Lace and Lilacs, except this has a range of larger glitters, like hearts, moons and stars.

I also wore this as two coats over OPI Samoan Sand, but I much preferred the combo over the blue base.

Just this week I got the new Birthstones and Talismans collection and I love every single polish in it.  I've started wearing them already, so will have some swatches coming soon.

Lynnderella polishes are available from the ebay store ( for the USA, Norway Nails for Europe and Glitter Connect for Australia.


  1. Hi cud u make a post of the best indie polishes u have? I wanna buy some and can't find a post with some good polishes across indie brands together

  2. Great news for Aussie girls!
    A Whiter Shade of Maybe and Angel Whisper are both so versatile and oh so pretty!!
    As for your color guide - awesome!!!

  3. Zomg soooooo excited! Thankyou for sharing, and excuse me while I go empty my wallet.....

  4. For the premium price she think she can charge, she should at least make some decent labels.

    I just don't get the hype. I could make the same polishes for half the price.

    1. Why don't you? I'd be intrigued to see them!

  5. Angel Whisper is a really nice polish, I like the look of it :)

  6. I love the very first look! It reminds me of the beach with the sand grains


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