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Dance Legend - Thermo Colour Changing polishes

I have some more Dance Legend polishes to show you tonight.  These are still polishes from my first package back in May. After I received that package and tried a few of the Dance Legend polishes, I promptly purchased a whole bunch more.  That was way back May, and sadly I still haven't received them.  

I was provided with a tracking number, and that shows my package left Russia on 4 June. I certainly don't have a problem with Dance Legend, they were efficient at sending my package, but after more than 7 weeks since it left Russia, and 10 weeks since being posted I don't think my package is every going to make it.  What's the longest you guys have ever waiting for a package to arrive?

Anyway, lets enjoy the beauties that I do have.  These four polishes are from the Thermo range of temperature colour changing polishes.  These one change between two colours.

164 - the warm colour is a light cornflower blue and the cold colour is a deeper royal blue. The polish also has a light shimmer.  I did three coats and that was because the warm colour is a little sheer.  The cold colour would only need two coats.

161 - the warm colour is a light silver shimmer and the cold colour is a gun metal grey. You can see some distinct lines on my nails were I dipped my finger tips into the pool (which is currently about 8 degrees). This was three coats, again because the silver warm colour looks a little sheer at two coats.

174 - the warm colour is a pretty soft pale pink creme and the cold colour is a lilac purple. These two colours together are so pretty. I only needed two coats for this one.

170 - the warm colour is a bright rich blood red jelly and the cold colour is a deep blackened maroon jelly.  I ended up doing three coats of this polish to ensure a rich and streak free red jelly base.  I don't normally wear many red polishes, and maybe it's just because it's the middle of winter and dark vampy colours like this just seem right at the moment, but I really love this one.

I really love that all of these polishes had quite different finishes, even through they are all thermal colour changers.  I love the natural gradient that is achieved without doing anything at all with these thermal polishes.  The formula on all these was good, not too thin or thick, but the pale warm colours do need more coats if you don't want to see through to the nail line.

Dance Legend polishes are available from the Dance Legend website, but a notice on that site right now says they are on company holidays until 2 September (half their luck!)  They are also available through Llarowe, Color4Nails and Ninja Polish in the USA, Mei Mei's Signatures in Singapore and some other places in France, Brazil and the UK. Given my experience with postage from Russia, you are probably safer to go with one of those distributors.

Polishes provided for review.


  1. Well my order NEVER ARRIVED!!! I send them 5 emails and nothing, no reply, no clues no nothing...and the thing was that after I order they send me so fast the invoice the comunication was " excellent" but after a while and after they state that I have to wait at least 45 days to do a claim...guess what??? 45 days is the term to do a claim at PlayPal, the last day.. So I' m without my DL and 156 less in my bank account

    1. Did you get a tracking number, or...?

    2. Oh my god that's awful :(

      I hardly ever order polishes from abroad but I've been so tempted by these....reading both your stories has made me realise that I should order them from a third party website like Llarowe, thank you for the warning.

      I hope it's resolved for you x

    3. Oh no, this is not good. My order was over $100 too and I've certainly passed the 45 day mark to be able to do anything through Paypal. What a shame you have been ignored by the customer service folks. But like I said, I got a tracking number, so I can see that Dance Legend did their part, it's just the dodge Russian post. Did you get a tracking number too?

    4. I never received the tracking number (one of my email..)so for me that is the consequence of impulsive behavior, bad for me and my wallet..(and my hubby)so try ordering via the official stores like Llarowe, Ninja Polish, Mei Mei-signatures and Color4nails so girls my warning..

      Arcadia NailArt no it was never resolve 156 less in my bank account...

  2. I think thermal polishes are fun! My nails are a little bit too short for the "real fun", but oh well :)

  3. I love them!! I follow you. Kisses ^^

  4. These thermals look like so much fun! Do you know who the stockists are in France by chance?
    I currently live in Paris so it would be great if I can order locally! Thanks :)

  5. Love these thermals, they really have such a unique looks to them! =)

  6. I'm in love with Dance Legend Thermo's. I just want them all!! I finally got TrioNo3 and No170 yesterday, was so excited and can't wait to play with them, but my nails need to grow a little bit more.. Grow nails, Grow!!! :P

  7. I love these so hard but I give up ordering overseas--Llarowe only! I'm still waiting for a couple orders from China. I forgot I could do a paypal claim though so guess where I am heading now...


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