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Dollish Polish - The Princess Bride Collection Part 1

Today I have some swatches for you of the recent Dollish Polish - The Princess Bride Collection.  This is my first experience with Dollish Polish and there are a lot of things I like.  I like the square bottle with the caps that pull off and I like the polish formulas. I love this collection's theme and particularly love how well the polishes match then names chosen from the movie.  The Princess Bride Collection is big, with 14 polishes. So I'll share seven with you tonight and another seven tomorrow.

First up, are you a fan of the movie The Princess Bride.  The movie really has quite a cult following, and the truth is I hadn't watched it for many, many years and I couldn't place many of the polish names.  So while over at my brother and sister-n-laws place I was chatting to them about the movie.  They said they had it on DVD which I could borrow. So last weekend as I sat there swatching the collection I watched the movie.  You know what, it really is a dumb movie. But it's a funny dumb movie.

Anybody want a peanut - A Pinky-Beige crelly with varying glitters in Gold, Copper, and Chocolate Brown. This is three thin coats on it's own with Seche Vite top coat.

Chocolate coating makes it go down easy - A delicious rich chocolate brown shimmer with bronze micro glitter and a hint of tiny holo glitters.  I did two coats on its own with Seche Vite top coat.  the first photo is in the shade to show how chocolatey it looks without direct lighting. The other two photos are in the full sun, and you can really see how rich the colour is.

Drop. Your. Sword. - The palest sky blue, with a deeper blue shimmer with gold and gold holo hexes. This polish is inspired by Princess Buttercup's and Prince Humperdink attire from their famously flubbed wedding.  The dress that Princess Buttercup is wearing is so pretty and the polish is such a perfect match.  This is three coats with Seche Vite.

Hello, My Name Is Inigo Montoya - You killed my father. Prepare to die- hee hee. A Gorgeous rich Olive Green with iridescent flakies and varying sized green glitters!  This is two coats shown in artificial light, the bright light makes it look like I should have put three coats on, but it was certainly nicely opaque in real life.

ROUS's I don't think they exist - What's an ROUS you ask, why it's a Rodent Of Unusual Size, one of the three terrors of the fire swamp.  Jammed packed with hexagon & square glitters in shades of gold, champagne, and caramel.  I wore two coats on it's own but I should have done three to get it totally opaque without undies. 

The Man in Black - A black crelly base with multicoloured glass flecks. Two coats with Seche Vite.

Wuv Twu Wuv - This was actually one polish name I recognised immediately. The hilarious voice of the minister who is marrying Princess Buttercup's and Prince Humperdink.  That is exactly how he pronounces Love, True Love.  A bright hot pink jelly with pink glass flecks, and various sized and shaped red and neon pink glitters. Two coats on it's own with Seche Vite.

Tomorrow I'll have another seven polishes from this collection.

Dollish Polish are available from the Dollish Polish BigCartel store. 

Polishes provided for review.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! Love them!

    1. Very beautiful color. Love it.

  2. i LOVE dollish polish and dolly! i have been buying her polish since she first stated over a year ago and every polish i have of hers is flawless!!! i just ordered a bunch of them this week to add as ive been after a few. the only lemming i always wanted and never got was toxic avenger! it was the best polish ever !!!!

  3. You almost lost me as a subscriber by calling The Princess Bride a dumb movie. It is an excellent movie with funny one liners, classic plot, strange and interesting characters that most people can relate to, and danger, excitement, pirates, sword play........ Wow that movie is a classic for all ages. Doltish polish is nice too.

  4. Hahah I hate that movie too :P But these polishes are awesome!

  5. Awesome collection, how can u even begin to choose a favourite?? Ur swatches were perfect as usual?

  6. I love The Princess Bride. I've read the book it was based on, too, and the movie is pretty true to it. This collection is very pretty.


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