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Ulta3 - Glitteratti Collection + giveaway

Epic post for you tonight featuring all eleven new shades released from Aussie brand Ulta3 in the Glitterati Collection.  Ulta3 have really stepped it up with this collection.  For a brand with a large proportion of cremes in its range, here is an eleven piece collection without a single creme.  I've forty odd photos to get through, so lets start.

Celebutant - vibrant pink foil.  Great smooth formula and opacity at two coats.

Glamourpuss - a very fine particle silver foil. Great smooth formula and opaque with two thin coats.

Infamous - WOW, stunning polish!  Fine teal blue glitters in a teal blue jelly base. Again WOW, this is only a $2 bottle of polish.  Colour me impressed. Opaque in three thin coats and only needs one coat of top coat.  I'm so glad it's not a hungry glitter.

Striking - double WOW, this one has fine aqua glitters in an aqua jelly base. Opaque in three thin coats and smooth with one layer of Seche Vite.

Triple threat - a black jelly base with fine red, blue and silver holographic glitter. Opaque in two coats but dries a little grittier than the previous two polishes. This is two coats with Seche Vite.

XOXO- multicoloured iridescent micro flakes or coloured glass flecks.  This is two coats over black first

XOXO- two coats over OPI Samoan Sand.

Outasight - Matte black glitter in two sizes in a clear base.  The glitter is on the sparse side, my glitter tips have two coats.  A nice black glitter for $2.

Gossip  - Magenta pink hexes in two sizes in a clear base.  This is two coats over Ulta3 Spring Break.

I remember when Ulta3 released its glitter collection at the end of 2012, and then soon after Picture Polish released a very similar collection of glitters. Gene Doll from Picture Polish was the only solid colour glitter that wasn't matched with an Ulta3 version.  Not anymore.  Here are some quick bottle comparisons, the Ulta3 has a higher glitter payoff, and its glitters are slightly larger than Gene Doll.  The Ulta3 also has more reflective curled glitters, but as you can see, they are not an issue on the nail.

Show Stopper -  Silver and yellow gold hexes in two sizes in a clear base.  Some reflective curling but smooth under one layer of top coat.  This is two coats over Ulta3 Glamour Puss.

A lister - Aqua blue glitters in three sizes in a clear base.  This is two coats over Ulta3 Get Teal.

When I bought this one I thought it would be a total dupe of one of the Ulta3 glitters from last year, new years eve, but as it turns out, a lister is slightly more green that new years eve.  Picture Polish ariel's tale is even greener still, so no identical dupes here.

Stop the press - Matte black and white glitters in two sizes in a white base.  I did a bit of nail art with this one.  I created a gradient with Ulta3 Lily white and black satin and then applied two coats of stop the press.  The feature nail is Lily white, stamped in black using Vivid Lacquer plate VL004.  I'm pretty chuffed with myself for getting the Lorem Ipsum straight, I put it down to my new sticky XL stamper I got from Messy Mansion.

Wow - what a collection.  Such a huge variety and amazing to see how indie brands have influenced polishes right down to our awesome little $2 Ulta3's.

The Ulta3 Facebook page has a stockist locator for Australia, so that's probably your best bet for finding them.

I purchased this collection from my local chemist, then a week later I received the full collection from Ulta3 to review.  So guess what?  I'm giving away the full collection to one lucky Australian reader.  To have a chance to win I'm looking for some creative haiku's.

To make your entry valid, the haiku must include one of the polish names from this collection.  Just add your haiku in the comments section below.

Here is an example of an entry:
More nail mail arrived
Better get it outasight
Must go on no buy
Australian entries only sorry - I'm not prepared to risk sending eleven bottles of nail polish overseas.  It would weigh more than 500grams and would be scanned, so I just can't risk the fine.

You can enter as many times as you like and I will pick my favourite one for the winner.  Closes midnight AEST Sunday night - 7 July 2013.



  1. Wow - massive post and awesome polishes for us Aussie girls. I have to say I've already bought some of these and love them all. I need to go get Stop the Press though after seeing your nail art!!

  2. Gorgeous! It never ceases to surprise me how good Ulta3 can make a polish for $2. As for a haiku, hmm... let's see:

    "Stop the press!" I said.
    New Ulta3s to be had.
    No Buy July, Over.

  3. This collection looks sooo awesome! Here is my attempt at the haiku, haha.

    Stop the press people
    Glitters a plenty
    for only few pennies

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Stop the press looks amazing! Me want.

      My first haiku about nail polish, here goes nothing...

      She's the infamous glamourpuss
      Stop the press
      We have 11 triple threats

  5. My second haiku...

    Gossip while you can
    Striking glances
    These babies are a showstopper


  6. Third one hee...

    An A-lister to her manis
    Show stopping colours
    Striking tips you will see

  7. Claws out for Striking
    Stop The Press she's Outasight
    Glamourpuss Gossip

  8. This is such an amusing challenge that I can't help but participate! I know little about haiku other than its basic structure unfortunately! Three somewhat-related haiku for you:

    Stop The Press here comes
    our Striking Celebutant
    A lister Ulta


    Gossip all around
    this Infamous Glamourpuss
    when she's Outasight


    I'm a Triple Threat
    Show Stopper sings and kisses
    love XOXO

  9. Wow! I can hardly pick a favorite, all of them are such great polishes. :)

  10. Funky new polish
    Aussie fans scramble to buy
    What a Glamourpuss!

  11. wow!!! what a stunning collection :) I want them all!!! Hahaha

  12. ohh these are the prettiest ulta3's I've seen so far! and the competition is fun too!

    She's a showstopper
    with that striking mani
    a real A-lister! x

  13. Here's my first lot! I'll be back to do the rest soon. :)

    The celebutant
    is a rare sight; cameras
    FLASH - she turns and smiles

    Silk, satin, velvet
    So soft she can't help but purr
    She's a glamourpuss

    To be infamous
    is close enough; if all you want
    is to be famous

    Staccato footsteps
    herald her arrival; stop!
    Look there - she's striking

    I'm a triple threat
    I don't just sing, dance, and act
    My nails are perfect

    Sealed with two kisses
    And a pair of warm hugs; mwah!
    Love, XOXO

  14. The Show Stopper's here
    Stop the Press; Gossip mags preach
    Infamous mouths talk

    Warm winter evening,
    We paint our nails and Gossip
    Smiling and laughing

    I thought I'd do a festive one ;)The polishes are beautiful, btw, I'm especially taken with Glamourpuss and XOXO

  15. They all look great, I was glad I could get my paws on Stop the Press and Infamous.

    Everyone's rocking the black/white gradient with black/white glitter, I can't help but feel some what responsible for it within the ladies in AN :P

  16. When the Infamous
    A lister's see Glamourpuss
    they will stop the press

  17. When Gossip girl sees
    these showstopper striking nails
    no more xoxo

  18. take me Out of Sight
    my A Lister glitter nails
    are stop-ping the press!

    This giveaway is really fun :) and I adore all the shiny glitters in the new collection!!

  19. My haiku:

    This is outasight
    These polishes are just right
    Have them all I must!

    Xoxo: )

  20. This post had me waiting out the front of my nearest stockist at 8.30 this morning to snaffle up 7 out of the 11. Gorgeous.

  21. They all look so great!
    Here is my Haiku;

    'Striking new colors
    An entire new collection
    Eager to try them'

  22. Whoo hoo an Aussie comp! Here's my entry:

    A-lister gossip
    stops the press. It's Triple Threat,
    your XOXO.

  23. Wow, here's my haiku!

    Stop the Press!
    A lister heard Gossip from Glamourpuss:
    Glitter all around!!

  24. Ooo and maybe 1 more about my favourite in this collection:

    shimmering crystals,
    XOXO glows like the
    jeweled starry night sky.

  25. Here are my entries!

    Stop the press, she's coming!
    The radiant Queen who smiles
    before she conquers

    The colour of seas,
    whether on a map or on
    your hands; it's striking

    Showstopper, said none
    For I waltz by, unnoticed
    A leaf in the wind

    That infamous girl-
    she spins like she owns the world
    A blur of colour

  26. Here are my entries!

    Stop the press, she's coming!
    The radiant Queen who smiles
    before she conquers

    The colour of seas,
    whether on a map or on
    your hands; it's striking

    Showstopper, said none
    For I waltz by, unnoticed
    A leaf in the wind

    That infamous girl-
    she spins like she owns the world
    A blur of colour

    Her nails were cracked, stained-
    she painted them striking gold
    what unique armour

    White dress and red lips,
    She arrives but quickly leaves
    Says, xoxo

  27. Gossip all around
    Best collection desired by many
    Nails striking flesh.

    Sounds like there is plenty of activity at the local Ulta 3 stockists, hope its not like the Boxing days sales !!! ;0


  28. Haiku #1:

    I will make you fret,
    I'm a sneaky shade of black,
    I'm the triple threat.

    Haiku #2:

    A listers like me,
    We take opportunities,
    I know I'm Queen Bee.


  29. The A-Lister, Outasight
    Giving out all her XOXO
    Quickly Stop The Press!

  30. Need new polishes
    to gossip about on my
    fab A lister blog.

    Infamous, Striking,
    Glamourpuss - a triple threat
    Stop the press - new post!


  31. Silver cat outside
    The winds cut all to shreds
    She is glamourpuss

    Thanks for all the swatches!

  32. Last one from me!

    XOXO shifts between
    night-sky and sea-shore

  33. And one more about XOXO - I just love it!

    XOXO shifts between
    night sky and sea shore

  34. Thankyou for providing us Aussies with such an amazing prize

    Internal unworth
    sparkles make it Infamous
    topcoat seals the feeling

    smooth purple sheet
    a rough edge
    emery creates striking unity

    higher up are the pixies
    their pink gossip
    the home never wavers

    travel far outsight
    endless white craters
    the light is shifting

    deep below the showstopper
    princess never tells
    emerald is becoming

    xoxo glitter catches the eye
    the finger is old and wrinkled
    the smile is young


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