Friday, July 26, 2013

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Lynnderella - Amethyst Devotion & Karma Carnelian

Here are two more Lynnderella polishes from the most recent Birthstones and Talismans collection. I've really loved wearing these polishes. From a distance they look like a simple single coloured (albeit very sparkly looking) glitter manis, but when you look closer at them, you can see the hugely diverse range of glitters all in various tones of the same colour.

Amethyst Devotion - assorted shades and shapes of purple and lavender glitters accented with red and magenta glitters in a multi-shimmered clear base. The glitters in this polish are generally much finer than in the other polishes from this collection I've tried so far, although there are some larger glitters in there as accents - such as the magenta dots and the purple butterflies (see if you can spot them on my nails)  The finer glitters meant that the polish dried a little rough and needed a good few coats of top coat to get it smooth. 

I've been trying a bunch a different top coats to see which ones work well for hungry glitters.  I'm nearly out of my made in Australia version of Ulta3's Non-Chip, which was outstanding for smoothing out glitters.  Gelous has been ok, Seche gets a bit shrinky when I'm using this much top coat. Color Club top coat dries fast, but seems to soak into the glitters, Lynnderella's Glitter Tamer is totally awesome, but I'm also nearly out of it.  My quest continues.  

This is two coats of Amethyst Devotion over Pretty Serious Poltergeist Puddle.

Here are some bottle comparisons with Amethyst Devotion, Love Potion No 99 and Love Potion No 99.9.  They are all quite similar colour wise, although #99.9 has more fine red glitter. #99 has more silver holo. Amethyst Devotion has much more variety in it's glitter colours and sizes.

Karma Carnelian - Red polishes, why do you taunt me with your glowing beauty then screw me over with your crappy appearance in my photos! I always have this trouble photographing red glitter. It must be a camera thing. I know lots of people say their camera doesn't handle purple very well. Mine does pretty good with purple, but I can never get that real life red glitter glow into my photos.

Karma Carnelian has red and orange glitters in a shimmering translucent red-orange base.  This is two coats over Maybelline Rouge Red.

Some bottle shot comparisons.  Karma Carnelian, Candy Wrapper and Ruby Red Ruby. Karma Carnelian is more orange leaning, where as RRR is a true red.  Candy Wrapper is a true red, but also has the holographic glitters (in both red and silver)

Lynnderella polishes are available from for USA and Canada deliveries, Norway Nails for European deliveries and now in Australia through Glitter Connect.

Polishes provided fro swatching and review.


  1. I've been really enjoying using the Essence gel-look top coat (with Seche Vite on top) for my glitter manis. Really shiny and smooth.

    But oh, Cathy, I can't wait to get my Birthstones and Talismans collection in the mail!! Your swatches will have to tide me over in the mean time.

  2. I liked the first one (a littele obsessed with purple colors :))

  3. I love the red glitter mixed in with the purple! Looks so good <3

  4. The purples were absolutely stunning! =)

  5. I don't have any of this brand, but they look so layered and pretty! Lovely swatches :)


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