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Nail Polish iPhone cases

Last time I was invited by the Born Pretty Store to select some items to review, I spied that they had a number of iPhone cases and other iPhone accessories.  I chose a couple of different items to try out and show you, specifically the clear iphone cases, a Chanel nail polish design case and double sided screen guards. But don't worry, while I'm reviewing phone cases, this post is still totally nail polish!

I'm going to start off with my favourite, the clear iphone cases. I got a couple of these. On the right you can see what the product looks like, on the left is my finished creation.  All I did was paint the inside of the case with various glitter nail polishes.  

I chose to use Lynnderella polishes, because they are the polishes in my collection that I can create the best solid colour rainbow in glitter out of.  I did two thin coats of each glitter polish and then one final layer of black polish to create a nice solid background.  I then left it to dry for several days to ensure it was totally and absolutely dry before attaching it to my phone.  The main thing to remember is not to put the polish too thick, because not only will it take forever to dry, but if it's too thick then you may not be able to still get the cover on your phone.

Of course I had to create matching rainbow coloured nails to go with my new phone case. The polishes I used for my nails were:
  • Thumb: Lynnderella Ruby Red Ruby and Topaz Optimism
  • Index: Lynnderella Topaz Optimism and Emerald Hope
  • Middle: Lynnderella Emerald Hope and Deep Blue Seeing
  • Ring: Lynnderella Deep Blue Seeing and Love Potion 99.9
  • Pinky: Lynnderella Love Potion 99.9 and Garden of Even

The clear iphone cases are available from the Born Pretty Store. They are normally $2, but they are 50% off right now so only 99c each.  At that price you could paint a whole bunch of them to match your favourite nail polishes and take matching your polish and accessories to a whole new level.

The other iphone case that I got is a slim line rubber one that has a black surround and the image of a bottle of Chanel Peridot on the back.  These cases have been around for a while and since I first saw them I knew I needed one.  I was really pleased with the quality of this one, the rubber case provides the phone with some protection and the bottle design on the back is glossy, hard and looks very nice.  The Chanel polish cases come in a range of polish colours and are available from The Born Pretty Store.

Here is my Chanel Peridot iPhone case with me wearing Chanel Peridot.

I also tried out some of their iPhone Screen Guards. I didn't have a screen protector on my phone because of the type of cover I previous had, and seeing as I wanted to use my new nail polish cases, I thought I should get some protectors..  The pack I got provides covers for both the front and back of the phone.  I found them really easy to apply and I got them on the front and the back easily without any bubbles. 

Here is my iphone with the clear plastic case on it, and on the right my military style case I was using.  You see, my iphone is provided by my work, and that is the case they provided for me! Certainly not what I call dainty or chic (but I have heard you can drop your from from a two story building and it will still be ok!)

If you're thinking of buying anything, don't forget to apply my 10% off code too!


  1. That glitter phone case ♥ I've been creating splatter phone cases and even selling some, so much fun!

  2. I LOVE what you did with the glitter polish case. I think I might need to steal this idea!

    Love Peridot on you, by the way. :)

  3. Love the hand painted glitter case!!

  4. Gorgeous

  5. This is an awesome idea! Thinking about making a Ninja Polish Divinity case now!

  6. the painted case you did is pretty much the coolest thing i've ever seen!!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh my god that glitter iPhone case. MIND=BLOWN! I have one of those clear cases, it's been sitting for ages since I hadn't made up my mind yet what I wanted to do with it. Going to get the glitter out!!!

  8. Such a creative idea, I am definitely going to be trying this out! =)

  9. it looks like a rainbow galaxy!!! so amazed!


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