Saturday, July 6, 2013

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I went to my local chemist around lunch today to scout out the Ulta3 bin for some friends.  The bin was full of polish, but just about every bottle of the new shades from the Glitterati Collection were gone.  The sales assistant said they had been really popular today with heaps of people buying them and that one girl was even waiting outside at 8.30 to get in and buy them.  It's just so funny, cause I had a bunch of emails from local girls asking where I found mine, and it looks like they all went shopping today! Yay for enabling for awesome $2 polish!

Now onto tonight's piccies.  I had bunch of mani photos that have been sitting in my to be posted folder for a while, and the best way to share them is with a spam post. Enjoy.

Crowstoes - Her Goose got Cooked over Ulta3 Burnt Orange. A signature Crowstoes glitter polish with a huge glitter payoff in orange and golden tones.

Emily de Molly - Monet's Garden - Two coats on it's own topped with Seche Vite.  Another masterpiece.

Pretty Serious - Seasonal Sunset - Rusty jelly base packed with gold and copper particles.

Holographic red foil over a pinky red Avon polish that I'm too lazy to get off my butt and go check in my helmer to find out the name of.

Savvy - Razzle and Dazzle. Two coats of Sally Hansen Celeb City. Touted to be a dupe of aEngland She Walks in Beauty, but I don't own that so I can't do a comparison (and for $3 I'm happy to stick with the Savvy).

Savvy - Galaxy. Golden green to blue subtle duochrome (which looks much stronger in the bottle).  Also has a very fine scattered holographic sparkle. Similar to, but not dupe of Ozotic 915.


  1. Holographic red foil made my day, it's just crazy!!!

  2. One of the things I love about your swatches is how you find the perfect matching undies for the glitters that are in a clear base. In particular I'm looking today at "Her Goose got Cooked over Ulta3 Burnt Orange"
    When compared to "Monet's Garden - which is two coats on it's own", both polishes are really displayed at their best.
    So many glitters in clear bases never look as good as the bottle looks, unless they are teamed up the way you do it here with your fantastic undies.

  3. Great spam post, I love it! Monet's Garden could easily make me swoon, it's seriously beautiful!!

  4. Monet's Garden. Gotta have it!

  5. Oh my gosh, Monet's Garden is giving me palpitations!

  6. I totally agree with Catkins comment, a great pairing really makes a glitter topper polish stand out. I'm drooling over a few of these for sure! :)


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