Monday, July 8, 2013

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Winner of Ulta3 Glitterati Collection Haiku Competition

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful entries in my Haiku competition to win the full Glitterati Collection from Ulta3.

Now I wasn't very strict with the syllables for the Haiku's, I pretty much considered everyone's entry.

I have a couple of special mentions, but sadly you don't get a prize, you just get to feel good about yourself :)

I liked this one from Nail Jems...
She's a showstopper
with that striking mani
a real A-lister!
..and this one from Alilovessparkles
Striking new colors
An entire new collection
Eager to try them'
This one from Kat Daniels was my winner until an entry on the last day.  What I like about this one was the connection it made with me. I made me think of the afternoon I spent with my nail buddies the weekend before last where we painted our nails, gossiped, smiled and laughed.
Warm winter evening,
We paint our nails and Gossip
Smiling and laughing
But this one from M that came through on Sunday afternoon touched my heart and is my winner.
Silver cat outside
The winds cut all to shreds
She is glamourpuss
You see both my mum and I are people that have taken in many a stray kitty at our back door.  Sometimes you'd just see a little silver flash of a kitty darting past the back door, after eating the food we put out for them.  They often looked so sad with bedraggled fur coats that really were cut to shreds by the cold winds.  And the word M chose from the polish collection was "glamourpuss", which reminded me of one of my very kitties as a child "Shelly" whom we always referred to as Grizabella the Glamour cat, in reference to the musical 'Cats'.  So you can see why I chose this one as the winner, it was just right for me in so many ways.

M - please send me an email with your details so I can post out the package.  Please reply within 2 days or I will offer the prize to Kat.


  1. Congratulations to the winner and those who received special mentions :-)

  2. those cute little kitties always win! :) Congratulations girls! X

  3. Congratulations to everyone who participated - there were so many good Haikus. Extra congratulations to the honorable mentions and of course the winner. Well done!

  4. Congratulations to the winner, and everyone who participated! :)


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