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1000th post - Guess that Gold Polish Giveaway

It's taken me more than three and a half years, but today I've done it.  I've hit the 1000th post!  To celebrate I thought I would do something a little different and fun.  Earlier this year when it was my three year blogging anniversary I did a blog post called Guess that Polish.  I carefully selected 20 polishes from my collection and challenged you ladies to guess them all by brand and name.

Any long term reader of my blog would know that I do love gold polish, so this time around I've chosen to do a gold edition. I've carefully gone through my stash and selected 30 gold polishes.  Let me tell you that narrowing it down to these 30 was a pretty tough challenge for me.  I reckon I could do this about three times over with gold polishes.  Yes, I have a problem!  I do also have plans to do this sort of thing with other colours too. So stay tuned for that! I'm already working on a green edition.

Because this gold edition of Guess that Polish is definitely more challenging than the regular multicoloured edition, I'm going to give you a helping hand.  I'm going to list all the brands that are represented.  I'm not going to tell you which polish is which brand - you'll still have to work that out yourself.  What also makes it trickier is that some of these polishes were new, untried or unblogged for me, so you wont find swatches elsewhere on my blog for all of them. Mmmwaaa haa haa haa.

At the bottom of the page is a simple Google Docs form where you are to provide your name and email, then list off the polish brand and polish name for each of the thirty shades.

Prize Pool

The idea behind doing this isn't really for the prizes, it's more about fun and the bragging rights to say how well you know you polish.  But because of the support of some AMAZING Australian polish makers, I have been able to assemble and totally awesome prize pool.
  1. Five Picture Polish shades - Majesty, Freya's Cats, O'hara and Imperial  - generously provided by Picture Polish and Kryptonite provided by me.
  2. Four Emily de Molly polishes - High Distinction, Jealousy makes you nasty, Inner peace and Head over heels, all generously provided by Hayley from Emily de Molly
  3. 18 JOSS polishes (yes 18!!) - All polishes from the recently released collections Colour Illusion, Holo Expressions and Crystal Collection. Particularly hard to get overseas and generously provided by Beauty World
  4. Four PAWS polishes - Coinage, Perfect Green Undies and two new custom shades - created and provided by me.

Here are all the brands that are represented here (in alphabetical order), note some brands are represented more than once:
  • aEngland x2
  • Barry M
  • BYS
  • Chanel
  • China Glaze
  • Cover Girl
  • Emily de Molly
  • Enchanted Polish
  • Essie
  • Glitter Gal
  • Jade
  • Jessica
  • Milani
  • OPI x3
  • Orly
  • Ozotic
  • Perpera
  • Picture Polish
  • Pretty Serious
  • Priti NYC
  • Revlon
  • TBN
  • Ulta3
  • Urban Decay
  • Zoya x3
Now its time to start guessing.

Polish #1

Polish #2

Polish #3

Polish #4

Polish #5

Polish #6

Polish #7

Polish #8

Polish #9

Polish #10

Polish #11

Polish #12

Polish #13

Polish #14

Polish #15

Polish #16

Polish #17

Polish #18

Polish #19

Polish #20

Polish #21

Polish #22

Polish #23

Polish #24

Polish #25

Polish #26

Polish #27

Polish #28

Polish #29

Polish #30

I recommend that you write down all your answers on a piece of paper first, then come and enter them into the google doc form below. That is much easier than trying to scroll up and down as you go. 

Last time there was nine amazing ladies who guessed all twenty polishes with the correct brand and name.  I will be amazed if anyone out there actually gets all 30 brands and names correct.Yes, it's HARD!!
Google doc form removed.
The boring but important part.

This giveaway is run by More Nail Polish. Entry is open Internationally. Competition begins November 15 2013 and ends December 01 2013 at midnight AEDST.  Entrants must provide their name and email address on the google docs form.  Each person may only enter once. Duplicate entries from the same email address will be deleted (although if you accidentally hit submit before completing all the fields, just email me or leave a comment and you can submit again)

Any users posting comments on this blog post identifying polishes by brand or name will be deleted and disqualified from entering.

The entrant who correctly identifies the most polishes by brand and name will be the winner.  The highest possible score is 60/60 - one point for each brand and name for all 30 swatches  Up to five prizes may be awarded depending on participants scores. If more than five entrants have the same highest score, then five winners will be selected at random from those top scoring entrants.  The prize pool will be split as I see fit to accommodate the potential number of winners.

One additional winner will be drawn at random from all entrants who get more than 10/60 correct answers.

Following More Nail Polish is not a requirement, although I do pretty awesome fun things here so you might want to stick around.

Winner/s will be notified via email by December 08. Prizes must be claimed by responding within three days of the email being sent. Prizes will be forfeited if not claimed within three days.


  1. I don't want to guess (I'll get them all wrong) but I LOVED scrolling through your post - they are all super pretty! And congratulations on making it to a thousand posts! It is a milestone!
    And good luck to all those who guess :)

  2. Oh dear gold! Any other colour and I'd be happy to knock the challenge over but I think I'm certain on a grand total of 1 of those beauties. Great idea and congrats on 1000!

  3. Congratulations on 1000 posts! I was one of the ladies who correctly guessed all of the polishes last time, but I doubt I'll be able to do that this time. I'll give it a shot though! :)

  4. pretty sure i got maybe 4 of them right but oh well at least i tried!

  5. Gorgeous swatches! 30 is too many for me to guess, but I enjoyed the spam :)

  6. Golds are my favorite, too!! That was super fun :o)

  7. Congrats on 1000 posts!! And this is an epic gold post! I can't even begin to guess...but I can wait to see the answers!

  8. Ok, Hint time. If you've already submitted and what to submit again after seeing these, then please do so.

    There are some submissions already, and I have to say I pretty damned impressed with you ladies!

    #1 - I can't find swatches of this on my blog, but I have recently stamped with it.
    #2 - Recently purchased, not shown on my blog yet
    #5 - Recently purchased, not shown on my blog yet
    #7 - I've had this polish for while, but not shown on my blog.
    #10 - Recently purchased, not shown on my blog yet
    #14 - I've had this polish for while, but not shown on my blog.
    #15 - I've had this polish for while, but not shown on my blog.
    #17 - I've had this polish for while, but not shown on my blog.
    #18 - Old polish (circa 1990's) - I can't even find a swatch of it on google images, and I've never shown it on my blog. Will be a miracle if anyone gets this one.
    #20 - Recently purchased, not shown on my blog yet
    #26 - Recently purchased, not shown on my blog yet

    Everything else can be found somewhere on my blog. A recent purchase is something I got in the last six months. Something I've had for a while is more than a year old.

  9. GAH, I was pretty confident, but now that #18 is buggering up my answers! Hmph.

  10. Oh this is a giveaway? I was just going to say HOLY SH*T 1000? I'm almost at 450! But I don't post as often and i'm at 2.5 yrs. I only know the Enchanted Austin Powers one. But I DO know you're a gold freak.

  11. This was extremely difficult but I'm glad I tried!

  12. I've been a secret admirer of your blog for some time now, and this is my first comment :) I noticed this post a few days before it's closed and only realized now that the hints were given! lol

    Anyway, I dearly enjoyed this challenge and can't wait to see the answers :D


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