Monday, November 18, 2013

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Lynnderella Twinset - Gobble This! & Punkkin Pie

I have a delicious twin set of polishes to show you today from Lynnderella. This little duo of polishes is created for Thanksgiving, and I wore each of them as a NOTD with a bit of stamping nail art.

Gobble this! - a gold-shimmered warm metallic pewter base with burgundy, yellow, gold, orange, red, green, brown, tan and purple glitters. I chose a polish for my matching undies, as I do with most of my Lynns, only to discover after one coat, that this one doesn't need undies. The shimmery pewter base provides all the opacity you need and it does have quite a metallic feel to it. I don't usually like too much shimmer in a glitter polish, because it can make the polish look lumpy - even when it is totally smooth. Luckily though, the heavy shimmer in this doesn't make the glitter look lumpy. This is two thin coats of Gobble this! over Ulta3 Lucky Bamboo. I stamped the little turkey from Winstonia plate W119 on my middle finger using Essie Good as Gold

Punkkin Pie - I swear my bottle ready pumpkin pie when I planned out my mani, hence the little stamped coloured pumpkin on my nail. Although I actually have no idea what a Punkkin is, so I don't think I could have put a punkkin on my nail :). Punkkin pie is made with brown, black, yellow, orange and white glitters in an orange-shimmered honey caramel base accented with multiglitter. I layered one coat over Ulta3 Burnt Orange.

The pumpkin stamp is also from plate W119. I used the same coloured stamping technique where I just quickly colour the design in on the stamp, and then stamped as usual. To ensure the orange on the stamp showed up over the orange base, I added a bit of white polish on top of the orange polish whist it was still on the stamper. After letting it dry from about 2-3 minutes, I pressed it on as normal. I also dabbed a little Punkkin Pie around the edges of the nail to further accent the pumpkin stamp.

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  1. I really like the pumpkin stamping. It's so cute!

    Punkin is the cutesy way of saying pumpkin in the US (I associate it with a southern accent). Usually people use it as a term of endearment.

  2. I loooove the punnkin pie mani, it's super cute!!

  3. OMG must have pumpkin pie! Even though I hate the actual thing


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