Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Orly and Pretty Serious from Glitter Kitty Nails and Beauty

I have some swatches more polishes that received from Aussie etailer Glitter Kitty Nails and Beauty. Glitter Kitty only stocks brands that don't test on animals, such as Glitter Gal, Pretty Serious, Orly and Zoya.  I have three new to me Orly polishes to show, and amazingly, Jody from Glitter Kitty managed to send me the one and only Pretty Serious Polish that I didn't have in my collection at the time.

Orly Can't be Tamed - from the Flash Glam FX Collection. It is purple hex glitter and small silver glitter in a clear base. I layered one coat over Ulta3 Lotas Fun.  Some swatches I've see of this made the glitters look a bit curled, but the glitters in my bottle were all perfectly flat and the polish smothed out easily with a single layer of top coat.

Orly It's Up to Blue - I think this polish was released about two years ago and it reminds me of one of favourite and oldest polishes in my stash, Revlon Splash.  I'll have to pull out some of my vintage polishes and show you all some day. It's a bright aqua blue shimmer that is very thin but nicely pigmented. This was two coats with top coat. The heavy shimmer means it's shows the slightest brush strokes, but nothing that worried me to much.

Because the polish was thin, it dried nice and quickly so I did a little stamping on my swatches.  This is stamped with Messy Mansion plate MM20 in silver.

Orly Spazmatic - also from the Flash Glam FX Collection, this one has bright blue hex glitter and a fine blue glass fleck shimmer in a clear base. I layered a single coat over ORLY Lunar Eclipse.  This glitter in this one is denser, so you might be able to achieve opacity with three coats if you wanted super blinged out nails.

Pretty Serious Into Dreams - I can't believe that I didn't have this purple polish from Pretty Serious already.  Now I'm pretty in love with Poltergeist Puddle, but this polish is a pretty close second.  Into Dreams is a redder purple and holy shit, it's pretty damn flawless.

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  1. I like Spazmatic the best :) It's up to blue is nothing for me. Those shimmer aqua blue nails drive me crazy, I just can't work with them, and they look so bad on me!

  2. They all look pretty, but I've been wearing Into Dreams. So I know it's absolutely gorgeous. One of my most beautiful purple polishes :-)


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