Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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Stamping decal with a matching gradient

Remember how I told you about catching up with the Canberra crew the weekend before last.  Tonight's mani is the result of my afternoon with the girls.  We planning to have an afternoon playing with polish and with what we had be calling Reverse Stamping.  But our resident expert Julia from Messy Mansion, who is our oracle when it comes to nail stamping, advised us that reverse stamping is an entirely different technique, and what we were doing was creating stamping decals.

I created my decals slightly differently to the other girls.  They stamped onto their stamper and then coloured their design in on the stamp.  They then top coated the stamper, let it dry, peeled it off and the applied it like a decal.  Cause I'm much too impatient to only do one decal at a time, I stamp my polish onto a piece of plastic.  I then go nuts doing some colouring in using nail polish and trying carefully to stay within the lines.  I then top coat and peel off the decal and apply it to my nails.

The stamp I used is BM203 stamped with black polish and coloured in with Ulta3 honolulu and royal, Picture Polish wisteria and citrus, Kester Black cherry pie and Paws clover green.  The gradient is created using the same colours and topped with Penelope Luz Dark Angel.  

I'm a bit disappointed with my photos because it was very cloudy and my photos look very washed out, not showing the vibrant colours they were.


  1. Cool! I must try this decal stamping thing sometime.

  2. Perfect job!
    I loved the gradient....
    Eva -

  3. i....i....just did the exact same thing with the exact same stamp in bright vibrant colors. not two days ago. it is sitting in my "use at some point" drawer. seeing this I now have to use it sooner rather than later...hahah!

  4. Would adding the color polish smear the stamping design? Did you have to dab on polish?

  5. It looks cool! The gradients remind me of watermelons, for some reason :D

  6. I was actually considering using this exact stamp for a decal! I have never tried it, but the technique looks simple enough that I'd want to.

    Now that you've tried it, I'm even more motivated, because I love your results :D


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