Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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Melbourne Cup nail art - Jockey Silks Skittles

Today in Australia was the race that stops a nation doing any work during the afternoon.  I'm talking about the Melbourne Cup horse race, in which we Aussies this year were anticipated to spend $140 million in bets.  And 20 of those dollars were mine!

Last night I sat down with my ipad and a google search of "Melbourne Cup Jockey Silks" and I chose my four favourite designs and colours to turn into some nail art.
  • Thumb - Fiorente- Black with a purple sash
  • Index - Red Cadeaux - Blue and Red diamonds
  • Middle- Mount Athos  - Grey with a large beige star and smaller stars on the sleeves.
  • Ring - Hawskspur - White with black stars, purple sleeves with white stars
  • Pinky - Dunaden - Bright yellow with blue stars
The designs were a combo of stamping, free hand and tape.  The index finger with the red and blue is a little messy on the edges as I didn't have a plain diamond check stamping plate and had to use an argyle style stamp - and then carefully remove the fine lines between each diamond.  The rest of the designs were mostly stars that I stamped on.

When I got to work today I showed my nails to my team and explained how I had picked the horses purely based on what the jockey was wearing.  One of the team was heading to the TAB, so I gave him $20 and asked him to place a boxed trifecta bet on all five horses I had painted on my nails.  There were certainly a few in the group that thought I was a little crazy placing my bet based on my nail art, but I figured it was no worse than a mystery bet, and I was happy to lose my $20 (like I had in previous years)

See, boxed trifecta.

And now the unbelieveable part of the story.  I won! My $20 bet only got me a 33% share of the Trifecta prize, but I still walked away with more than $1100.  Here is my handful of pineapples.

Whoo hoo.  Did any other Aussie pick a winner today?


  1. Congrats!!!!! That's an amazing win! and I love the skittles!

  2. What an incredible story - the sort of way I'd choose my horses too - but never with such an outstanding result both in nail art and winnings. Congratulations - headline for the day - "Fashion on the fingertips turn into a mighty cash win!!" LOL

  3. OMG your story is so funny! I am happy you won, girl! You deserve it, with such a nail art! :D

  4. Nail art + ultimate result = awesome. That's fantastic.

  5. That's awesome, both the nails and the winnings based on nail art!! What a great story, now you can buy .... more polish!!!!

  6. 1,100 makes a lot of polish!! :D Congratulations!! Woohoo!

  7. Congratulations Cathy! a perfect result for perfect nails! No no buy November for you!

  8. How cool! I love stories that combine our love (obsession) for polish and real life (well, that is our lives other than painting our nails)! And this one has a bonus of $1100! Nail Art Brings Good Fortune - you proved it. :)


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