Wednesday, November 13, 2013

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Showing a bit of flesh with corset water decals

I'm such a sucker for water decals.  I really love wearing them because they are so quick to apply and the end result is usually so much neater than anything I can create free hand.  I was done creating this mani in less than 15 minutes for all 10 finger.

These are some more water decals from the Born Pretty Store.  What I love about the Born Pretty Store is that they are always updating the stock and not just keeping the same products all the time.  I check their site ever couple of weeks and browse Nail Art by 'latest arrivals' to see what new things they have. Plus their items are so affordable and their shipping is free.  My only complaint is that their service is getting pretty slow.  It's taking a week or two even before they ship your order, and then you have to wait a few weeks for it to arrive.

These are lovely little lace up corset water decals that are transparent through the middle so you can easily see the polish you are wearing underneath - and that visible nail line making it look fleshy and naked.  The only thing I noticed about these decals is it looked like the printed pink part of the decal wasn't printed lined up correctly against the white base printing, which meant on side of the decal had a white stripe down the centre and the other side had a bit of transparent pink.

I placed these decals over a single coat of Bourjois Rose Lounge.  I did one coat of top coat and they looked perfect for about half a day.  Next time I would do two layers over top coat and really wrap the tips as they seems to flake off a bit by the end of a full days wear.

These decals are item #6732 pattern B112 from the Born Pretty Store and you can use my coupon code of MNPG10 to get 10% their regular prices.


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