Saturday, November 9, 2013

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Emily de Molly - Bo Peep, Hardware and an unreleased mix

I have some Emily de Molly polishes to show you tonight. With just about all of my Emily de Molly polishes, I'm lucky enough to get bottles off Hayley when we have our local Canberra Crew nail meet ups. Sometimes she has them bottled up already but not named. Other times she has them mixed in large 500ml bottles, but not in polish bottles and not named, and sometime they are just a swatch on a wheel that I spot and say "OMG, what is this one, it's amazing and I need to see it!".

First up is one that falls into the 'already bottled but not named yet' category.  Of course, that was ages ago and it has now been named.  It's called Bo Peep and it has a light green creme base with lemon, pink and purple glitters.  It's easy to achieve opacity on it's own and I did three easy coats.  I also applied a matte top coat which looked so gorgeous and soft, and was totally because I saw @katersnails wearing Bo Beep mattified when we went to Yum Cha!

This amazing blingly creation is Hardware.  This was still unreleased when I got my bottle, which was hand poured by Hayley from the giant 500ml bottle whilst we all stood there drooling.  This is two coats of Hardware over Revlon Royal.  I have absolutely no idea why I layered it over royal, because normally I'm a matchy-matchy kind of girl with glitter and base.  But I remember wanting to wear it over a dark base so I could see the iridescent glitters, and I didn't want that dark base to be black.  

Hardware has holographic gold dots and hexes, copper hexes and small iridescent glitter. I really should have stopped at one coat over the blue, but I just can't help myself with gold glitters and I have to slather it on.

This last stunning holo falls into the category of "OMG Hayley, see this 128th nail wheel here, see this colour with no number or name.  Do you remember what it is, cause it's amazing and I need it."  Hayley was able to look at the nail wheel and remember what pigments it was.  She then mixed me up a single bottle right there. 

This one is therefore still unnamed by Hayley, but that didn't stop me naming it for myself.  I've called it "Crepuscular rays" - google it if you don't know what they are.   I don't know if Hayley ever has plans of releasing it or whether it was just one of those experiments that you do whilst creating new shades.  The polish is a light dusty blue holo with a strong platinum golden shimmer. I love it.


  1. I sooooo wish I could be at a Canberra Crew nail meet up! I'm totally envious! :D

  2. Bo Peep is so pretty :)

  3. The last one without a name is gorgeous !!! Is it now maybe part of the collection and if yes, how is it called ? I want this one !!!!!


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