Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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Aussie Nails - Swim between the flags

So Australia is one bloody big island right! That means we have a lot beaches and a huge beach culture.  One thing that is quintessentially Australian to me is the Australian Surf Lifesaver.  When we were kids and we went to the beach, it was drummed into us to make sure we swam between the flags.  My nail art today is a tribute to the Surf Lifesavers and those red and yellow flags.

This is the image that inspired the look. Photo Credit: BMD Northcliffe Sufe Life Saving Club.

I started with a white base and painted the bottom part of my nail using Contray Polish Sand.  I just had to use a polish called Sand to create the sand.  I then added a little bit of yellow polish at the tip to lighten the dry sand in the foreground. I used OPI I just can't cope-acabana.

I used Picture Polish Sky for the Sky, because again the polish name told me to.  For the ocean I used a fine nail art brush and painted on various blue areas.  The flags were painted free hand with OPI I just can't cope-acabana and Big Apple Red.  The surf board was done with IJCC and I printed a water decal with the Surf Rescue words on it so it was just perfect.


  1. lol we must be all thinking the same thing cathy! i have beach nails already loaded up for thursday!, LOL!! ive got cockies and red backs too ;) love yours tho mine do not have any where as much detail!

    1. Lol, great minds Tara! I love the idea of cockies!

  2. Wow! The polish Sand is pretty wonderful! I'd need one of these for my challenge Hi5, about "beaches".

  3. I'm impressed! Nice!

    Regards from Poland :)

  4. This is really nice! I remember the flags from when I was in Oz.. And the nets to keep out jellyfishes :p


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