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Brazil by OPI - Some swatches and review

Out this February is a new collection from OPI, inspired by the country hosting this years World Cup and the Olympics in 2016 - Brazil by OPI.  The collection is inspired by Brazil's tropical rainforests, exotic fruits, lush flora and fauna, sandy beaches and of course the brilliant colours of Carnival.

I've got four lacquers from the collection to share with you today.

AmazON - AmazOFF - described by OPI as a jungle green, to me it's a perfect dark teal.  The formula is thin and good and it has a jelly like feel to it.  At two coats you can see through to my nail line in these full sun photos, but it's not obvious in real life.  The finish isn't a flat creme either like I expected. It has an ultra fine teal shimmer, almost like a pearl finish, but it's so fine and delicate that you wont see brush marks.  This was only a swatch, but I suspect this might be a bit stainy if you don't use a good base coat.  Great colour.

I Just Can't Cope-acabana. A bright sunshine yellow creme..  This will most definitely become my new go to yellow shade.  Formula was excellent, especially as yellow polishes are notoriously horrid to apply.  This was two easy coats, no streaking and buttery good (in both application and colour).

OPI Scores a Goal. Rich dark chocolate creme that leans red.  I'm usually not drawn to colours like this, but I can see it being really popular here in Australia coming up on Autumn when the collection is released.  Good formula, this is two coats.

Next Stop... The Bikini Zone - Described by OPI as an amethyst-toned pewter that would suit just about anyone.  This one is a shimmery duochrome that shifts from amethyst purple to natural tan brown colour. The metallic shimmer really does provide a pewter-type finish. I really love this one.  In some light it looks like a shimmery nude, but then it changes to bright pastel purple tones. This is two coats.

There are another eight shades in the collection as well as four bottle set of liquid sand lacquers called The Brazil Beach Sandies.  

Brazil by OPI will be available at selected salons and David Jones in early February and in Myer stores later in the season. For your nearest OPI Stockist call 1800 358 999 or visit

Polishes provided for consideration.


  1. Wow, Brazil collection already! Thank you very much for the swatch of "AmazON - AmazOFF", this is the one I was most excited about. Turns out it is quite not as green as I expected...
    I also wonder what "Where Did Suzi’s Man-go" would look like in reality :) in promo photos it looks quite promising.

  2. wow that yellow looks nice! I'm always on the hunt for a good yellow~

  3. Oooh, I'm really excited for this collection!

  4. I was a little meh about the collection just from seeing the promo image, but now I'm really excited for at least Next Stop... Bikini Zone because it looks like it is the cousin to Not Like the Movies from the Katy Perry Collection, one of my favorites. Also a great yellow is nothing to scoff at. ;D

  5. I am not a yellow lover, but I am seriously impressed with that yellow. Wow!

  6. I Just Can't Cope-acabana looks to be the perfect yellow for nail art. So many yellows are watery and disappointing but not this one.
    Next Stop... The Bikini Zone looks unusual and definitely a color combination I'd use.

  7. i'll take all the creams please and thank you

  8. Hah! I'm not crazy! I literally just bought Amazon...Amazoff today (the displays just went up in Farmers) and posted about it myself - I thought there was a 'pearl' to it!! Thanks for confirming that I'm not crazy ;-)

    Funny thing though, I found that the polish was quite thick, and totally opaque in two coats - almost opaque in one. The pearl is nearly unnoticable in mine!



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