Sunday, January 26, 2014

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Aussie Nails - Australia Day 2014

Happy Australia Day to all my Aussie readers., I hope you have a fun filled day today and a great holiday tomorrow.

I have two Aussie themed designs today. This first one is a green and gold version of the Australian Flag.  I used Zoya Ivanka as my base.  For the union jack I used white polish and Amazeballs.  For the Southern Cross I used some star shaped rhinestones with a little Amazeballs dabbed on.  Unfortunately there was so sun in the morning before I left work to show off the shininess of this mani, and of course I forgot to take any additional photos when I got home.

This next one is another flag sticker by Billy's Australiana Collection from my local dollar shop.  It's a different design to the previous one and shows the flag with some shade and movement.  I discovered in my application of these that there are definitely two types of stickers from this brand, some that are really, really thin and difficult to apply (like the koala and kangaroo ones were) and others a bit thicker and apply perfectly. 

These were impossibly difficult to apply.  I wasted the two spare nail stickers in this package just trying to get them to apply.  In the end I had to open another packet of mixed designs to grab another flag one out, it turned out that that one was much stiffer and super easier to apply.  So either there is two types, or the quality controls isn't great and its pot luck as to whether you get the easy ones or not.

On Friday I received a box of Dance Legend polishes.  It was one of two boxes I was waiting on and I was so excited it arrived so fast from Russia. Only 4 weeks from when I got my tracking number.  Anyway, one of the polishes that was in the box is the new Sahara top coat, which is a clear textured top coat that you can apply over any polish.  I'll do a much more detailed post on it down the track, but I wanted to show you the textured version of this mani.

As you can see, the Sahara top coat has a fine silver shimmer to to, as well as the clear textured finish.  I like it alot.

I do have one last Australian themed mani for the public holiday tomorrow.  Then I'll move on to something else.


  1. I love the green mani - and that textured topcoat looks amazing.
    Happy Australia Day! :)

  2. I love the first mani! And the one you did earlier with the beach :)

  3. Wow ive never seen Ivanka look so amazing! I have logan but now I feel I must have Ivanka too :)

  4. I love the flag in green and gold! Gorgeous! x

  5. Wow, very pretty :))

  6. They are all fabulous! I love that green version of the Aussie flag, very clever and gorgeous :)

  7. I loved the first nail art more than the second. It's so different!

  8. Ooooh! I love the clear textured polish :D these are both gorgeous! Well done.

  9. I really like the first on the best!


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