Monday, January 27, 2014

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Aussie Nails - We have deadly animals

Here is my last Australia themed mani for this year.  One thing that Australia is quite well know for, apart from it's awesome weather, beaches and people, is it's deadly animals.  From spiders to snakes to jellyfish and octopus, we have some doosies here.

This mani is a nod to our deadly snakes.  Did you know that of the top 25 most deadly snakes in the world, that 20 of them are found in Australia (source).  Plus, they don't just live in remote unpopulated areas, they live where we live.  I know we have had a brown snake in our backyard in the past, and a brown snake is #2 on that deadly list.  Anyone want to come visit us?

I started my mani with a coat of Picture Polish Bewitch. I then layered two coats of Picture Polish Splendour, which is a yellow, orange to green flakie.  I then stamped using BM-215 with black polish.  I painted the snake on my middle finger freehand using nail polish.  I'm so happy with how it came out!

That's it for my Australian themed nails.  I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed painting them.  Thanks also to all my Aussie friends that joined in with the nail art spirit and create all the below manis. 


  1. wow, you did awesome, they look great. though truthfully they're freaking me out! :) we've had browns, tigers and blacks all where we live, and lets not forget the good ole red back and white tail spiders!!! argh! Lucky the super-cute koalas and wombats counteract them :)

  2. I love your snake.

  3. love this manicure! the flakie in the background is perfect for the snake pattern. very cool.

  4. Wow, great snake! I'm happy I don't live a place with that many deadly animals.. I would worry my ass off.. Or maybe I would just be used to it .p

  5. You did really well with that! But now I am scared. I just moved here a few weeks ago. I've seen my fair share of spiders (MY BIGGEST FEAR), but no snakes yet. My friends are all "how's your Australian adventure going?" and I'm like "HIDING IN MY BED WITH THE LAPTOP, REALLY" lol.

  6. Even though I'm of the "kill it with fire" mindset when it comes to snakes, this is really, really cool! :-)


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