Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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OPI Push and Shove Chrome Step up mani

Over the Christmas/New Year break I was finally able to try a nail art look that I first saw here on my blog from a guest post from Angela of Aussie indie brand Gloss and Sparkle fame.

The nail art is created using a foil or chrome finish polish and a jelly polish.  

This mani has a whopping 10 layers and it took ages to dry, but the final effect was really cool. The process is very simple and involves layering one coat of chrome or foil polish and then covering it with a jelly polish. You then step in a few millimetres from your cuticle and paint another coat of silver and then cover then entire nail with jelly.  Keep stepping it in and topping with jelly. Angela's guest blog post shows a step by step tutorial if you need more info.

I did one more step than Angela did in her mani last year and I also left the last layer silver.  

I used OPI Push and Shove from the new Gwen Stefani by OPI collection.  The blue jelly polish is a custom I made with Blue tint and suspension base.


  1. What a cool idea! I'll try to repeat it and, if succeed, will credit you in Instagram - I hope you don't mind?

  2. Amazing! it`s so beautiful! Love it!
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  3. this is awesome, i'm gonna steal the idea ;)

  4. I really love this mani! Well done!

  5. Like an optical illusion!!!

  6. This is a really cute, unique idea! Love it!

  7. This is a ridiculously awesome look! I don't think I would be patient enough to let it dry tho!

  8. Weird question, but, could you have just painted 1 or 2 layers of chrome polish and then built up the jelly polish in graduating arcs toward the cuticle? Would the opacity even build up like that? I want to try this, but I don't want to use up my push and shove.}

    1. Yes, I guess you could do it like that, although it think it would be harder to get the neat lines going outwards.

  9. I love the color combination you chose and also the finished look of the design. An idea - if you polish one color on the whole nail and then use removable "scotch tape" it would be very easy to make a stencil by folding a nail-length of scotch tape in half and just cutting the "long-leg horseshoe" patterns on the tape to use as a stencil for the second color. Am I missing something? I guess you would have to paste the tape on something easy to remove from such as plastic and then fold lengthwise and make the cuts.


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