Thursday, January 30, 2014

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Dance Legend Orlando with gradient and stamping

Last week I received one of two packages I was expecting from Dance Legend.  I was so surprised when the box arrived, as it had only been 4 weeks since I received my tracking number from Dance Legend. For my last order I had waited more than three months, so 4 weeks postage direct from Russia was outstanding.

The package contained the entire Dance Legend Lumos collection, so I picked up the first one and created a mani with it.

The Lumos collection all have small LED lights in the cap, I'll talk about them below.

For this mani I did a two toned gradient on my thumb, index and pinky fingers using OPI No Room for the Blues and Picture Polish Wisteria.  On my middle and ring fingers I did random dots of both colours to create a mottled effect.  Next I put one coat of Dance Legend Orlando on all nails.

Dance Legend Orlando is a flakie polish with two types of flakies, orange to green ones and bright iridescent blue ones.  The base of the polish is a pale purple jelly.  The flakie payoff is excellent as you are able to get lots of flakies on your nails with just one coat.  This is one coat over my gradient and dots.

To finish the look, I applied some black studs to the gradient nails and I stamped using Messy Mansion plate MM29.

Here is a look at the little LED light in the cap.  I actually really love it.  It's very slim line and doesn't make the cap thick and hard to hold.  There is a little button on the top of the cap that clicks on and off to turn the LED light on and off.  When the lid is on the bottle, the LED light illuminates the bottle of polish and really makes it glow.  When the lid is off is shines a light down the shaft of the wand to light up where you are painting you nails. And probably the most surprising thing of all, it actually worked for me. It illuminated where I was painting my nails meaning no mess from lack of lighting (just mess from a wobbly hand).

Dance Legend polishes are available from a number of resellers worldwide, or directly through the Dance Legend Website.

Polish provided for review.


  1. This mani is stunning! Love it!

  2. I love how you can team your polishes so perfectly and make things look and sound so easy. That mani literally glows - just like the bottles!! I'm just imagining them all lined up with the house lights down low and these little beauties glowing like precious gems.

  3. Woow, amazing :))

  4. That is so pretty! The gradient/dots colours you chose are perfect for the flakies and black accents. And how cool that it has the LED light! :D

  5. This is such a pretty mani! I love it.

  6. Holy cow this is jaw dropping! I want soo many of their polishes ~

  7. Your nails look just perfect!
    I lovee this mani ;)

    All the details look soo beautiful ;)
    Xx julia

  8. this mani is breathtaking. I absolutely love it!


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