Monday, January 13, 2014

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Easy Peazy Baseball Nails

Something really quick and easy to show you tonight. Tomorrow my Miss 2 is turning three and we are having a mid-week party for her with her brother, cousins and some friends.  We are having a pool party here at home and it's going to be a blistering 37°C (99°F) tomorrow. I hope the little kiddos don't fry - there's going to be lots of slip, slop, slapping going on!  

Anyway, I still have heaps to do tonight to prep for everything, plus I still have to do nails, so I have a really quick and easy mani to share that I created to wear to the baseball last weekend.

I painted my nails white and stamped using Konad red polish and the baseball stitching pattern on the Bundle Monster 2013, plate BM414. The easiest and most obviously baseball themed nails ever!  I'm going to have to put my thinking cap of for some special baseball nail art for the upcoming MLB opening game between the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks in Sydney in March! We are all heading up there for the Saturday night game. The tickets cost and arm and a leg, but it sure will be an amazing experience.

I probably wont be posting tomorrow night, but I'll be back on Wednesday to share my Miss 3 birthday mani, plus some picture of her cake and other things.


  1. I love this manicure. It's perfect to go at baseball.

  2. Love this mani! I live in AZ and am a huge Dbacks fan. Totally jealous that you are going to that game. What an amazing experience! If you get any pictures I'd love to see them when you blog about the nails you wear to the game.

    1. I absolutely will make sure I take some nail shots at the game and will post them here. I'm try and do some live shots on IG too.

  3. Oh my.. I love this manicure!
    Your nails look stunning ;)

    I love them!
    Xx julia


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