Friday, January 24, 2014

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Aussie Nails - Boomerang nail art

For today's Aussie nail art theme, here is a simple design I painted that basically just looked like abstract nail art. It was only when I line up my fingers just right that you can see I've painted a boomerang across four nails.

My base is Picture Polish Beige and the boomerang is Picture Polish Malt teaser. I then did some small black and white dot art on the boomerang.

I also stamped my thumb using Moyou Explorer 06 in black polish.

Here you can see the delicious blue summer sky and how the boomerang looked just like a bit of diagonal abstract nail art.


  1. You have come up with some amazing nail art to celebrate our National day and you truly are a great Aussie.

  2. This was so cool! I also like that it look cool both holding the nails together and when the nails are spread. It works great both ways. ^^


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