Thursday, January 23, 2014

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Aussie Nails: Australian Flag nail art

The classic Aussie flag mani.  They are everywhere this time of year down under, but I'm pleased to say I think these ones are my best ever.

Of course they are way too perfect for them to be free handed or stamped, again I used some Billy's Australiana Collection nail stickers, but this time they work awesome compared to the Koalas and Kangaroos yesterday.

I did three things different. 
  1. I used a base of nail polish instead of putting the sticker on my bare nail. I used Cult Nails Time Traveler for the perfect dark navy base.I think the base meant it didn't matter if I didn't get the positioning perfect.
  2. I used tweezers to place the stickers. Because of the fine tweezer touch, I didn't end up with my fingers sticking to the stickers whilst I was trying to apply them.
  3. I did a final top coat using Gelicious Ulta Glaze top coat gel polish. The gel top coat made them look glossy and perfect and also meant they lasted without any chips.
I loved these so much that I've continued to wear them on my right hand for the last three days (which of course meant I've had mismatching hands for a few days).  I have one last set of Billy's stickers in another flag design which I will be wearing on Australia Day, not necessarily to blog about, but because they look super awesome and make me feel dinky die mate, like a true blue Aussie shelia!

I also used on of the Billy's Australiana Collection rhinestone stickers of the Austrlaian Flag to bling up a spare clear iPhone case that I had. It made the perfect nail prop.

Have any other Aussies seen the Billy's Australiana Collection of stuff at their local dollar shop?


  1. Amazing blue, amazing nail art!

  2. These are so cool I just had to comment! I wish they made stickers like these for the US flag :)

  3. He he - "dinky die mate, like a true blue Aussie shelia". Love a bit of Aussie slang. And also the nails, of course!


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