Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Orly Flash Glam - Watch It Glitter and Rockets Red Glare

If there is one type of polish that I really struggle to photograph accurately, it would have to be a red glitter on red polish.  I had this exact same problem both times I wore and photographed Lynnderella's Ruby Red Ruby.  In my opinion, red glitter polishes on red are one of the most amazing looking manis ever, they truly glow like a magical gem.  Whereas my photos just make them look flat and lifeless. Booo.

This beautiful looking polish, that could be a very good alternative to RRR is Orly's Rockets Red Glare from their Flash Glam collection.  Five Flash Glam polishes are being released in Australia for Winter 2013. Of course these shades were all releases in the Northern Hemisphere 6 months ago,  but us Aussies are always six months behind (no matter how much I like to convince myself that we are actually 6 month ahead!)

Rockets Red Glare is packed with red hexes in two sizes.  I did two coats over a red creme, topped with two coats of Seche Vite.

Watch it Glitter is a copper glitter topper which contains two sizes of copper hexes.  The small hexes in this are bigger than the small hexes in Rockets Red Glare.  I did two coats of Watch it Glitter over black.  

The other Flash Glam polishes that will be available with these are: Too Fab (gold glitter version), So Go-Diva (chocolate brown glitter version), Atomic Splash (gunmetal glitter version) and Liquid Vinyl.  These will be on shelf in Australia in June 2013. For a list of Aussie Stockists, check

Polishes provided for review. 


  1. Beautiful swatches! I didn't pick any of these up though when they were released here in the US :-/, I wish I did now

  2. The second combo is fabulous, i'm in love with the polishes and how tidy you do your manicures. :D

  3. Did the glitter in your Watch it Glitter sink? I kept seeing this polish on the clarence rack at my Sally's, along with others from the collection, and all the formulas has separated. It stopped me from buying them actually!

  4. Both beautiful. But the is gorgeous !!


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