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Ulta3 Blues and Greens

Here are the greens and blues that I have in my Ulta3 collection.  If you know of others let me know, and I will see if I can find them.

Jelly - It's another nyc colour, but it's in the same Ulta3 bins and has the Head Group as the distributor.  So I class them as the same thing.  This is a fluro neon green jelly. Dries to a matte finish.  This was three coats and it was still very transparent.  I would like to see what it's like over white.  Not really a colour I image many people would wear, but it's good for nail art designs.

Lagoon - I love this one.  It's a pale shimmery green.  It applied smooth with no streaks.  This was three coats and it probably could use another to get rid of the nail line. 

Wasabi - This looked so beautiful in the bottle but I was really disappointed that it applied so streaky.    I hoped that the streaks would disappear when it dried but unfortunately they didn't.  Its such a nice colour with a strong shimmer to it.  This was two coats.

Bottle green - This is a frosty green that is a little dirtier in colour, but I really like it.  The good thing about this polish was that although it applied really streaky like wasabi, this one actually smoothed out as it dried, leaving no streaks.  I got a cat hair caught on my ring finger though, so it's a bit lumpy.  This was three coats - as I was trying to cover up the cat hair.  It really only needed two.

Jelly bean - This one is really pretty.  It's like its half way between blue and green.  This was a little streaky, but nothing like wasabi.  It's got a great metallic shimmer to it.  This was two coats.

Razzle.  A metallic pale blue.  It took me ages to decide whether to get razzle or little boy blue.  I actually got little boy blue first, then went back a week later and got razzle as well, cause I just had to see how they compared.  Razzle is a deeper blue than little boy blue and its shimmer metallic look isn't as strong either. This was three coats, and I smudged my index finger putting on the third coat. Otherwise application was good.  Streaky at first but the second and third coat smooth it out.

Little boy blue -  The metallic effect in this is better than razzle.  Its paler than razzle, in fact it's a pale blue version of Envy and Snazzle. This is three coats. 

Razzle and Little boy blue comparison. Very similar, but you can see that razzle is bluer and little boy blue is sparklier.

Metal - I love this colour.  This metallic grey has a beautiful blue tone to it.  Applied great. First coat was streaky, second coat perfect.  This was two coats.

When I apply my Ulta3, I always try to do a really thin coat first.  On most of their polishes, the first coat is really sheer and streaky.  Just let it dry for a moment (usually just doing all ten fingers is enough dry time for the first coat).  The second coat usually smoothes out the finish.  I usually only do more than two coats if the polish is still transparent on my nails, and I want to achieve a colour closer to that on the bottle. 

None of the above had a base coat - I'm a bit slack and tend not to wear one.  These swatches didn't have a top coat either, but for a mani I always put on two coats of Seche Vite (I bought mine on ebay and its been worth every cent).


  1. Oh, I like the look of Metal. Will have to go and find it.

    My Little Boy Blue and Razzle look completely different. Little Boy Blue looks more your Razzle and Razzle looks more like your Little Boy Blue, which is so weird.

  2. My bottles of Little Boy Blue and Razzle are so different that I wouldn't even compare them! Like Gold Dusk, my Little Boy Blue looks like your swatch of Razzle. It's a sky blue compared to my Razzle which is more of a royal blue. My Metal doesn't have any traces of blue either, but yours is extremely pretty! It's interesting to see the variations in the different Ulta3s. Oh, and NYC has an inky blue called Midnight. Do you plan on doing a post on the glitters? Or maybe when Ulta3 create some decent ones? haha

  3. Gold Dusk - Thats funny that your Razzle and Little Boy Blue are the reverse of mine. When I was looking that them in the shop I kept think, these names seem back to front. Razzle should be sparkly like Snazzle, and little boy blue should be the bluer one. Maybe the got the labels mixed up on one batch? Either way, I do really like them both.

  4. silentphrases - I can't believe the differences there must been in the differnt batches. I would love to see your Razzle, a royal blue, is it sparkly too?

    I haven't seen NYC midnight yet - I love blues so I will get it for sure if I see it.

    I did a swatch of the glitters I have red glitter, blue glitter and confetti. I'm not a big fan - the glitter is so sparse. They really do need to try create some decent ones :) I'll try to post them over the easter weekend.

  5. I just had a look at the post which Gold Dusk made on her blog about her collection. Her Razzle looks like mine :)

    And if you're looking out for Midnight, it's a blackened blue. A well named polish!

    I look forward to your glitter swatches!

  6. Really like the look of Metal!
    Happy Easter!

  7. Hi :)
    There is also "mermaid green" and "blue marlin" which are fantastic colours by Ulta3.
    I did a post about them on my blog, if you want to see what they look like,
    Have a fantastic weekend.

    1. Yes, I have those swatched and in my colour guide, but when I posted this in April 2010, those colours weren't yet released :)


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