Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Holy holo foils Batman

This here is my first ever attempt at doing foils.  It almost classes as a fail, as it was really bodgy job. Let me explain.

First I put on one coat of Ulta3 Snazzle.  This gave me a shiny base on which to put my foil, and if I had gaps in the foil, hopefully they wouldn't be too noticeable.

I cut up all my little foil pieces and then applied some glue to each finger on the left hand.  I let it dry and then applied to foils, starting with the pinky.  I pretty much managed to everything that I read online that you should try to avoid.  Eg
  • don't touch the glue on the nail (I bumped mine umpteen times),
  • let it totally dry before applying foil (I'm not that patient),
  • don't apply glue too thick (I read this one after doing my nails, wondering what I did wrong, I thought the more glue the better and in some cases it just stayed wet.)
  • peel the foil backing off the nail quickly (I read this after the fact too, I peeled mine soooo slowly)
In the end I had a lot of gaps showing my polish beneath.  BUT the effect was still good. 

Super super shiny and metallic, with awesome holo madness.

I tilted my nails here to show the holo pattern of the foil.  I think this pattern was very forgiving too, it hid a lot of the flaws in my application.

I also read online not to apply a quick dry top coat, as it crinkles up the foil.  I listened to this and applied a generic brand top coat I had.  I let that dry for about 10 mins and then put on Seche Vite.  I saw a little crinkling at first, but it relaxed out as it dried.

I bought a sample pack of 25 foil designs, so I will see if my application gets any better with practice.

Has anyone else tried foils? Got any more tips for me to get better adhesion?


  1. I have tried foils a few times and it definitely gets easier the more times you do it.

    Waiting is for the adhesive to dry is the key in getting them to apply right, if they are the slightest bit wet it won't allow the foil to attach.

    These look pretty good for a first go though! Can't wait to see what other foils you try.

    Ps- I recommend for cheap foils, they have a huge range and you get a free adhesive for every 6 foils you buy.

  2. I have never even heard of foils before but yours look spectacular. i love the holo-ness.

  3. Thanks The Polish Project - I'll try to be more patient next time with the glue. Will have to try dollarnailart. Hopefully postage to Aus wont be too expensive.

    Lolitadewdrop - Thanks, the foils are great bang for your buck, epecially the holo ones.

  4. They still look pretty awesome tho, and if you never mentioned the bodgies then we wouldnt have known ;)!
    I have been too intimidated to try foils but I'll have to cruise ebay and see what they have to offer now!

    If we cant buy holo polishes in Aus, we just have to fake it!

  5. Konadobsession - you should totally give foils a go. Your konading is so neat I'm sure you'd be great with it.

  6. Hi Kitties26,
    Did you end up buying anything from dollarnailart? Was the shipping cost to Aus ok?
    I'm only just getting into nail art and I came across your blog. I'm starting to get really inspired!

  7. Jaxsta - No I still haven't tried dollarnailart. I've still got heaps of foils from my first haul in Aus. But when they run out I will look into them.

  8. OMGosh that looks incredible!! I'm so jealous!!
    I would love to see a tutorial of how you did this.
    It is quite stunning!!!


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