Thursday, April 15, 2010

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Ulta3 - More purples

Here are the remainder of the purple shades in the Ulta3 range.

Candied violet is the only real glitter polish in the Ulta3 range.  I love it because it's opaque and it has lots of silver glitter throughout.  It's a dark violet colour and applied nicely here in three coats. The only down side for me is that the polish is a little to opaque, and therefore not all the glitter gets to shine through. But still a very pretty polish.

Waterlily is a deep shimmerly plum.  Applied great leaving no streaks, this was two coats.  Beautiful colour, I like this one a lot.

Royal is actually one of the speed dry polishes, but I loved the colour so much that I just had to get it.  It really is a royal purple and a silky smooth creme.  The first coat was a little matte and also streaky.  
But the second coat was nice and shiny and pretty much smoothed out any streakiness.  This was two coats.  Love this colour too, very rich and would look great with gold konading.


  1. I love all three! But candied violet is my favorite!

  2. I really love Candied Violet and Water Lily! They're gorgeous! :)


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