Sunday, April 4, 2010

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Loser Nails

Last weekend, my husband's baseball team played in the grand final.  His club had four teams in the grand final, the women's team and men's A grade, B grade and C grade. So for the occasion I did myself up in team colours.

The base was Totally Beautiful Nails in Neon Blue.
I then added some wobbly chevron lines using Ulta3 black satin.  Then a white nail art pen for the lines. 

So how did they go, well not only did my husbands A grade team lose, but so did every other team!! And his team was minor premiers too, only losing a few games all year!! FAIL!

So I went straight home and took off my loser nails!


  1. I like them! I don't think there loser nails!
    Happy Easter!

  2. This post made me lol.

    For loser nails they're pretty damn hot.



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