Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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Polish Stash

It's time to share pics of my polish stash.  I store all my polishes in clear plastic boxes with click on lids.  I also paint a stick on nail with the polish colour and then sticky tape it to the top of the bottle.  It makes is much easier to see each of the polishes and pick which colour to wear.

This first box shows all my Ulta3 polishes (plus three frankens).  I love the look of this box cause all the bottles are the same height and it's almost colour sorted.

This box is most of my all my metallic colours.  I love gold and bronzy coloured polishes and have a lot that look very similar.  This box has my only magnetic polish too, L'Oreal Star Magnet in Purple, bought on ebay.  I will swatch it soon.

This is a smaller box, cause Bunnings didn't have my usual size box and I had to have another one.  This one has all my holographic polishes (CG OMGs and Kaleidoscopes) plus more frankenpolishes.  Also heaps of bottles of clear Ulta3 ready for me to franken with.  (I can't justify paying $1.50 for an empty polish bottle online, when I can get a full bottle for $2.)

Last box, a few blues and reds, more bronzes and a lot of glitters.

I have just placed an order for some more polishes from O/S.  So I think I need some more boxes.

How do you store all your polishes?


  1. Clear shoe boxes for me. Taping the nails onto the bottles is a great idea!

  2. The stick on nails on top is a clever idea! I'm able to just store all mine in a drawer in my desk. I'm not sure what I'll do when I get too many to fit in there... Are those the stackable boxes?


  3. I store mine in Helmer's, from Ikea.

  4. Yep the plastic boxes are stackable, and I love that they are clear and I can see into them easily.

    But I just googled the Ikea Helmer. OMG cool. No IKEA here in Canberra or I think I would just go out and get one now!!

    JacieO - Love your blog, I have added you to my blog roll.

  5. Is the Ulta3 franken the blue on the left corner? It's so pretty!
    I store my polishes in the drawer of my desk. Have hardly any space left though! That's probably a good indication that I should stop buying...

  6. as for me nails glued to polishes look creepy and ruin the aesthetics of collecting nail polishes. looks like something a witch would have done to her nail polish collection


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