Friday, April 23, 2010

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Ulta3 - French polishes

Stand by for some icky polish swatches in 10, 9...

Today I share three french polish colours from Ulta3.  Let me start by saying, I know my nails are way to long to do a french polish on, but I wanted to swatch these with a white tip, so apologies for that (actually had a trim and file today and took off about 2mm of nail).

French nude, is a yellow toned sheer nude colour.  I found this so hard to look good.  I swatched this twice, thinking it must have just been my application. First time around I found the first coat really streaky, so I then put on a second coat.  The second coat was also really streaky, but it also was very opaque, and I could hardly see the white tip anymore.  Second time around I thought I would just try and do one even coat.  On the index finger I did one thick coat, then the middle finger, one regular coat.  The picture actually makes this look heaps better that it looked on the nail.  Can you see the streakiness in the photo?  I also didn't like the yellowness of this polish, it made my nails look stained.

French blush - is a sheer pale pink with a frost.  Again this looked bloody awful.  It was really hideous. Lumpy and gloopy, streaky gross chunky nails, although I prefered the colour more on this one.  Again the streaks didn't disappear as it dried.  One coat too streaky, second coat too opaque. Just looking at this swatch again - yuck *I think I just threw up a little in my mouth*

French pink - Thankfully, this polish redeemed my faith in Ulta3 polishes.  It's a sheer pale pink french.  This one leveled nicely, and any streaks from application disappeared as it dried.  Again I wasn't sure how many coats to do.  I did one coat on all nails and thought it looked good, then I added another coat to my ring finger.  You can see how much pinker the ring finger is.

I don't know if I got a bad couple of bottles with french blush and french nude, but if you want to get one of the french colous, I would go with french pink. 


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