Thursday, April 8, 2010

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Ulta3 - Black, white & brown

Lily White - a nice white polish.  It's the only white I own, so I don't know how it compares to others, but I like it.  My bottle was pretty thick and a bit gloopy to apply.  But it ended up smooth and opaque. This was three coats.

Chocolate cake - Is a very dark brown.  Man, I can hardly imagine what a chocolate cake this dark would taste like.... aaaaarrrrgggggghhhhh *wipes droop from side of mouth*. This was two coats and it was still a bit streaky, but probably because of my poor application.
Black satin - a lovely black polish.  Perfect on its own or for layering.  It is very shiny without a top coat, look how shiny my nails are, you can see the clouds in the sky reflected on my nails - cool.  My bottle was a good consistancy and easy to apply.  This was two coats.  It's not totally opaque in one coat, but I find I can get away with one coat for layering.


  1. Lily White looks really nice! I bought it yesterday thinking it might come in handy for frankening, but the smooth result which you got makes me want to try it! I imagine a coat of Crystallina on top might look good too!

  2. That black is SO shiny!
    Where do you buy all your Ulta's from?

    Also, welcome to the Mafia! :)
    I'm an ex-Canberran, living in Melb.

  3. Silentphrases - Great idea with the Crystallina on top, it would just give it that something extra.

    Toxin - Thanks for the welcome, will update my blog tonight will links to all the other Mafia sites. I just get my Ulta3s at the local chemists. I have about six regular places I check out (at least once a week). I'll post more shopping details on my next Ulta3 post.


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