Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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Ulta3 - More Blues

I only have two more blues to share, and one is a 'new' version of one already posted.

Little boy blue - This is my new version of this polish.  This one is a shimmer and it is more of a greeny blue than my other version.  My other one is much more like a foil.  This was three coats, so it is much sheerer than the old version too.  I'll do up a comparison swatch to show the difference.

Midnight - Looking at the bottle I thought this was actually a black polish.  And with the name midnight, I just assumed it was.  This was only one coat, so it had great coverage.  I actually think the pigment in this is better than the black satin.  As you can see this is a deep inky blue creme.  It was perfect under my Ulta3 'Wild' flakey too.



  1. Little boy blue is very pretty, it makes me think of summer :)

  2. nice blue !!
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