Friday, April 16, 2010

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Ulta3 Minty Apple Green Frankenpolish

I've been flat out at work today and didn't get time to write up any of my other Ulta3 swatches at lunch time, so I will quickly just show you my other green frankenpolish I used for my camo mani. 

This one was so simple and I love the result.  This is just neon green Jelly and Lily white mixed together, almost 50/50 portions.

I'm not very good at describing colours.  I've called this a minty apple green. Any suggestions on what to call this polish?

It applied great, just like 90% of my ulta3s and dried super fast.  This was three coats, without a top coat.

I think this is such a beautiful green creme. 

Edit: BTW I'm cranky at the stupid Vogue forums.  I've posted replies to the lovely ladies on there, but the stupid moderators sure take their sweet time in approving my posts.  I think my recent posts finally get me ove the moderated line, but it's annoying and makes me not want to go back. *end rant*

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