Sunday, April 4, 2010

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Blue shimmer comparison

After doing my 'playing the blues' mani, I wanted to do a comparison swatch of my blue shimmers.

From left to right Ulta3 'Hollywood,' Sally Hansen 'Blue It', Artmatic 'Peacock Blue' and L'oreal Jetset 'Jet.'

Each of these was two coats, except Artmatic, which was three.  Seeing them all together my favourite is the Sally Hansen. It's a richer blue colour and was much more opaque than the others.  The application brush on the Sally Hansen is weird though, it would take some getting use to.  The brush really long and wide and the actual wand part is slightly curved lengthways, which holds lots of polish.  I reckon you could do at least five nails before you would need to re-dip.

I got my SH from Priceline - it was about $7.  Pretty good value and nice quality.  I will have to go and check out the other colours.


  1. I was eyeing off Blue It the other day in Priceline. Took all my self control not to buy it!

    If you're desperate to get your hands on the Rockstar collection, has them (though you have to pay shipping). Groupie is gorgeous, it's put all my other purple shimmers to shame.

    Yep Lollypop Lilac is a purple version of Envy. It's almost too shimmery for me...

    I'd love to see your stash!



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